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Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia

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Date : 24th September,2011
Time : 7PM
Venue : Stadium Merdeka,KL
-Seungri (BIGBANG)
-Park Jung Min
-FT Island
-Teen Top

        It was the first Biggest KPOP Wave Concert in Malaysia with a total of 7 awesome performers. I have to say as a 'veteran' kpop fan since almost 5 years ago when kpop dont even actually exist in Malaysia until now whereby almsot everyone knows about kpop i actually hesitate whether to go or not since the concert tickets are always overpriced because of kpop artist nowadays whereby ticket priced at RM 588(Rock Zome) RM438(numbered seat) RM288(numbered seat) and RM 138(free seating). It was hard because i've seen ukiss and 4minute performed before and the only main atttraction is GD & TOP and i have to say VIP(Bigbang fan's) were concurring the night with full support to Bigbang members. Tried to participate in a few contest but this time luck was not on my side until i received call from ntv7 that i won their contest and got RM438 tickets *was seriously happy* because they actually missed called me twice but i was in class and when i got out of class a car DOUBLE PARKED right in front of my car and i waited almost 45 minutes for the person to appear WHICH PRETENDED THAT CAR WAS NOT HERS !! WTH. but thank goodness with the car i received again after that from ntv7 stated i won but i must collect on that day itself at sri pentas and so i happily went sri pentas with my sister and forget about the anger due to a irresponsible driver !

      On the event day, reached at around 6+ since its numbered seating and there's many people selling artist tags, light stick and shirts and all of them are unofficial product but ohwell my sis bought herself PARK JUNGMIN lightstick and i bought big bang fan. i really fall in love with bigbang's official light stick as it was really pretty ! and lucky to my juniors at SMKSBU as st.john ambulance were on duty there like my cousin and friends all kpop avid are there ! hahaha but they couldn't scream and shout larhh. All performance were great as the hype was not really raised until seungri appear but i have to say 4minute's performance improved a lot since that last time i saw them at kpop hitz recording. Teen Top was good too since i was helping my cousin to wave HER TEENTOP lightstick when they performend ! ahahaha Ukiss as usual with soohyun's vocal but their schedule may just be too tight !!! reached KL at 4.35PM on the event day and left right after their performance to catch their flight back to Korea. FT ISLAND opened the show with a BANGGGG awesome performance HONGKI's vocal is undeniably good !and Park Jung Min which made my sister go hoohaaa . Seungri, GD and T.O.P was also great cause when they performed everyone stand up and i couldn't see and went to the front. Performance wise was OK but i actually expected more since they didn't even do an ENCORE STAGE !! which totally frustrate most of the people there like the show just ended soo suddenly.

oh i also met a lot of famous DJ as they sit right in front of me and spotted Malaysia's best idol singer group ThomasJack but only one of them were there and cousin wanted picture so we went and asked but the manager said sorry but he was kind enough to give handshake.

i also find that there's always pro's and con's in having a bunch of artist perform in one event as there are too many artist and some fans would only support their artist and didn't bother to cheer for other performing artist.
OH YAH !!! btw, didn't take any picture cause when my camera focus the picture don't seem to be nice at all so enjoyed the whole night fully and no fancams or pictures as you can find them a lot on facebook or just google it.

P.S: sorry for the long post.kehhee


May 2010 - 19th September 2011

19th Spetember,2011 it was a sad day as Rueben got into an accident where he was ran through by a speeding bus when Rueben was playing at a playground opposite my house. 

Rueben's been a great dog that bonds the family together whereby most of the topic when communicating with my family was basically about Rueben since the day a cute small puppy step into the house feeling scared about his new environment. Rueben bring us laughter and joy to the family and who can ever resists the cuteness of a dog when he really wants to play ! It was hard not having Rueben in the house without any barkings and his warm welcome every time you reach home. Rueben's barkings make the house feel more secured as we would know when there's someone at the gate or some suspicious people outside the house.

Thank You for being with us for a little over 1 year and being the DOMINANT in the house instead of the humans in the house. Now, Rest in Peace Rueben and you'll be remembered as the first and the one & only best and joyful dog the family ever had ! 

P.S : it took some courage to even write this blog post missing rueben badly now..

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MBLAQ 3rd MINI ALBUM 타이틀곡 [Mona Lisa] MV

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another awesome MV from MBLAQ's title track Mona Lisa !hahaa

Thursday, June 16, 2011

UKISS Live in KL 2011

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Date : 10th June 2011
Venue : Pavillion KL
Time : 8 pm

Ukiss is back !! I never seen them in person before so i was planning to go BUT then i think again getting all crowded at pavillion as the showcase is FREE and if you bought the ticket before that then only you can enter the pitt zone to sit. SO i ended up telling myself its ok as ukiss will be back cause im also still having my alevels exam and yada yada yada.

My sister actually went and see them at their showcase before when they first been here to malaysia and tickets at that time was cheap !!!! compared to now..big difference.. too bad we are not able to see kibum and alexander again but always do welcome Hoon and AJ the new members.

and why did i end up at the event??? because i won myself tickets of RM 330 package !!! WOOHOO and lucky my sister im giving her second 21st birthday present after i told her jang geun suk was her present already !! LOL the next day happily going to pavillion and wow the crowd really shocked me ! SOO MANY PEOPLE but luckily i got ticket !! HAHAHAha *evil grin* then went into the Pitt zone and sat and waiting and wrote some question to ukiss but too bad they didn't choose my question or the organiser basically didn't put up all the post-it notes on the board *it was obvious only part of it was placed on the board*. It started with 2 malaysian singers and wow the one of the singer ikwal was performing well !!! hope for his success in the industry ! and at 8pm ukiss appear and sang total of 4 songs which is 0330, Bingeul Bingeul, Shut Up and Man Man Ha Ni

*sorry no picture/fancam from me, didn't wanna block people at the back and there's already lots of fans at there taking fancam and whole bunch of media sat just in front taking pictures already*

 there's also Q&A session and played some games and wow soohyun and hoon sang some ballad songs and IMPRESSIVE !!! i can see the ukiss new leader soohyun was really playful on stage trying to make kevin show his abs instead of aegeyo ! also ukiss makes it easier for everyone to communite as AJ, Kevin, and Eli speaks english while Dongho and Eli knows how to speak mandarin !

When the showcase performance finished its time for HANDSHAKE and ALBUM !!!
this is not mine but its similar !! haha too lazy to take picture and upload
i was happily going up the stage and shake all the members hand and soohyun was soo happy to meet the fans and woahh they are sweating like they are showering or something ! the last hand i shaked was Hoon and he was soo busy wiping his sweat off and i was standing there and he was really awkward and smile cheekily and continue to wipe his sweat ! LOL ! also i receive my album from AJ and he kept saying thank you ! while my sister go crazy over kevin and eli as both of them recognize her from last year's showcase ! and i happily got their signed CD and poster !! wheee !

they are really HOT ! sweating like crazy !
anyway i think ukiss had lots of fun other than the part that dongho twittered that kiseop(iphone4),a staff member and his own phone(galaxy) was stolen during showcase.. no idea whether they got back their phone or not but some say they found it but dongho didn't twit about getting back the phone though,.. but they must enjoyed malaysia as they went shopping in one utama and some fans said they soohyun and dongho bought underwear at parkson and eli was playing around with fans while shopping while the other 4 members were at a massage centre near daorae restaurant.

also some say kevin and ukiss cordi noona was shopping in pavillion on sunday afternoon and they actually went to a noraebang(korean karaoke) also near daorae at hartamas ! they must be one of kpop artist that spends a lot time in malaysia !

anyway good luck to ukisss for their future advancement !

picture credits to : redstar presents, kosmo!,marctensia , rentak sejuta

here's some fancam credits all to the uploader : lynaabc  @YT

Jang Geun Suk The 'Cri' Show Live in Malaysia

Date: 4th June 2011, Saturday
 Venue: Plenary Hall, KLCC
Time: 7pm - 9.30pm

Yesh, went to Jang Guen Suk 'Cri' Show (according to him he likes the world CRITICAL so he named the show the 'Cri' show hoping to give an awesome show to the fans). even though i was at Bronze area but i have to say Plenary Hall is the best ! no matter where you sit you are able to view the whole stage nicely and comfy seats and very organized.There's no pictures or video from me cause the security there is really strict so i'll rather just enjoy the show than getting flashed by the security and there's a girl sitting beside me that kindda frustrated and it become quite an issue to the extend the security actually BLOCKED my view to see jang guen suk when he's performing making me shouted at the security to MOVE AWAY !! hAHhaha *sorry security but your whole body standing in front of me is totally blocking me from watching sukkie laa !*

Another thing is the MC of the say Mr.Owen Yap gotta say he did loads of preparation and everyone loved the way he emcee ! . He sang 'Let Me Cry' first and heated up the whole crowd.Then comes the Q&A session where they talked about J Diary & J in Europe and showed loads of teaser photos which are freakking HOT ! He also teases that people in Europe thinks that he's gay but he confidently say that 'im not gay, im straight' LOLed the whole time ! Its nice to hear him communicate in English but there's stilll translator when he wants to express better in korean. 

then show is separated into 2 part whereby the first part was jang geun suk into his drama characters.
first up, Marry Me, Mary – Kang Mu Kyul i didn't really watch this drama but my sister did and all went crazy and even his hairstyle are the one from the drama then he sang My Bus (부탁해) and Hello Hello .!! The next one is You’re Beautiful-Hwang Tae Kyung the arrogant character which i totally loved showing all the cute expression too when choosing lucky fans to receive some presents when there's one part where the person did not respond so the people in bronze are went crazy and suddenly the spotlight lights on my sister which jang geun suk thought was the lucky person !! HAHAHA but then we were all pointing down to show him that the person should be from Silver seats instead !LOL then he sang  Still !!

PART 2 of the show
IT WAS TOTALLY LIKE CLUBBING ALREADY ! he collaborate with DJ Big Brother and from TEAM H where i don't even remember what happen but i know everyone stood up and just keep dancing along with the music for i think 30 minutes? or more i dont remember !!! this is one part of the show that shows a different side of him and totally enjoyed this part !

Not long later he appeared on stage again with with changed  costume and said
This is my first time in Malaysia. Although the stage is small, I had a lot of fun tonight. You fans made the show bigger. Thank you so much for being here with me.
This show reminds me of my first fan meeting in Japan. Although it started small, you all made it big. I am big in Asia because of you.
This show in Malaysia brings back fond memories of my first fan meeting and I really appreciate it.
Tonight I found out why I can never get any rest. Till I die, I’ll never stop and I hope you guys will be there for me.
Thank you Malaysia. Thank you so much. We can meet again next time right?
Wherever you go if you wait for me, I’ll be there.
You guys are my precious. My Precious
I’ll never stop. See you soon!”

*credits to*

some fans speculate that he cried and it only happened here in malaysia and not in any other show in other countries but i have no idea that he cried though...hehe cause i was soo happy when he sang 'My Precious' !!!

then everyone started to shout ENCORE !!!!
and YES he appeared with I LOVE FANS t-shirt totally cute !!
and sang 'Promise' ahhh even if i didn't fully watch marry me drama but i do know the song !! KAHAHA

and got info using the awesomasss internet that eventually the whole team went to Zouk Club after the show and MR JANG GEUN SUK got drunk i guess !! HAHAHA partying the whole night and was really late for the press conference the next day cause i think probably he could not wake up ! HAHAHha hopefully the media wont be too angry about it !
also jang geun suk is actually the organiser rhythm land's second project the first one was with brian joo which i totally ENJOYED TO THE MAX ! and this time with jang geun suk i enjoyed it a lot even though there's loads of complication for the people that bought package of fansign and others. anyway great job!

picture credits to : and rhythm land.

also there's fancam from my sister.
sorry for blurry fancam it was really hard to take any picture and ignore any shouting or yelling !
the quality its kindda bad since its taken using her phone but the sound quality was great !

Saturday, May 28, 2011

time to decide

Saturday, May 28, 2011 0
im having my exam right now which will last till 20th June !
it does  make sense that most papers in may/june are easier than the once in january.
like what my lecturer told, january are mostly taken by asian americans or like us international students ! BOOHOO like for my Biology 1 paper which i took in january and the results is really bad
and i retake the paper for this semester and the paper is WAYYYYYYYYY easier !

anyway its been long since i update my blog so im just basically writing a random post. sorry.
time seems to pass really fast many people are now taking their degree course already and im still stuck with alevels and have yet to decide what course would i take after alevels.
one tough decision ..hrmm..hope i will figure it out before i finish my alevels.

also to my sakai buddy ! when are we gonna meet up hah??? its been very difficult to do out because everyone like me HAVING EXAM and a MAJOR one too !!! i dunno how many gazillion years we didn't meet up already.

till then, buhbye ! and im currently addicted to 2ne1's lonely, one pretty awesome song !

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rain's Live 2011 Malaysia Grand Prix Concert

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Date: 10th April,2011
Event : Rain's Live 2011 Malaysia Grand Prix Concert

sorry for the blur picture took it using my phone.
AND YES !!!!!! I saw Rain performed for the 2nd time after soo many years since his concert here in KL back in 2007 !
I said it in my previous post that I won tickets to the concert but eventually the tickets are for Zone C.
So i wasn't expecting much other than seeing Rain far back from the stage. My sis and I took the skybus to sepang since we were worried to get lost and the amount of petrol and toll prices that we need to pay NOT TO MENTION the fixed RM 50 parking fee on that day which made people park very far away. I was worried that if rain perform late and we won't be able to catch the last bus which leave at 12am but things turn our to be great cause the concert ends early ! (not to mention the traffic when heading to sepang, people were running to the grandstand as they were late already for the race) btw, the bus ticket for both ways are RM30 (Pavillion>Sepang>pavillion) which I think is much better than driving there.
the bus ticket with one confetti but fell into the tag

Whats better is that on the day itself i end up being right at the FRONT of the stage all thanks to a very kind mother with her young daughter. She works for Petronas so she got a lot of complimentary tickets for grandstand for saturday's f1 tickets instead of the race day (the sunday one) but as long as you have a Grandstand tickets you are able to access to Zone A.
I was lining up at Zone C with my sis and eventually she's in front of us and we both found out she have extra tickets and she kindly gave us the ticket and we told her that with the tickets we can get to Zone A. and poof we were right in front of the stage ! AWESOME !

 Reached Sepang around 4.00pm (the time where the race started) got a little lost in the shuttle bus as we have no idea where we want to go since the concert only open its gates at 5pm we still have time to wonder around and sat the shuttle bus and woahh SEPANG is BIG ! wide wide space
thus, we ends up stopping at the main entrance to check out whats inside and suddenly the sky turns really dark and the F1 crew started asking people to take the green poncho and wear time in case it rains.
But Thankfully it did not rain but IM COMING TO SEE RAIN !! haha
they were selling those ear plucks in case the sound of the racing car hurt your ears. when we were there me and my sis basically yelling at each other !!! and its funny~!

After visiting, we went to the helipad where the concert will be held and there's already fans lining up there while my sis and I didn't bother lining up thinking that we are in zone C. then at the end when the F1 race ended the crowd goes bigger and we lined up and thankfully to the woman we met in front of us that we can get to Zone A !!! was totally excited at that point.
souvenirs from Chivas and the tag given to me by that kind woman.

The gates opened and we just went in, and the thing that i LIKED is that there's no rushing no pushing no yelling when people entered.*not like other event's that I go where people seems to a little tooo....Eager?*
went it and woah,Im right in front of the stage and saw many other countries fans too. i think there's korean,japanese,china & etc. 
waited and waited until 8pm !!! and there the emcee appear and i think she's the host for the ford model seach 2011 by STYLO. Then they introduce the models one by one as its their final competition.
I got a totally different expression when i see the screen with the model's picture and the MODEL itself on the stage. cause the screen is HUGE and when they put the picture of the model it seems to widen like 10000x which made them look like they have elephant legs but when they rocked the stage with their walk, and YES the impression is much better than looking at the wide screen.
Then, people were already yelling for rain to appear but the host said give them 5 minutes to decide on the winners. then winners were announced and i do think that all of them are pretty !

The crowd~!

Then, Dominic Lau from E!Asia appear and introduced the opening act by local acts Joe Flizzow which i think was awesome ! They're are just heating up the stage and crowd ! and after that there's a laser show called performance in the dark. and right after that RAIN APPEAR and the crowd goes crazy ! 

 soon after the concert ends after almost 13 songs around 1 hour. it was a great night and when i was leaving people were all saying that they are going to go to singapore for rain'c concert there which is coming this may cause 1 hour is NOT ENOUGH ! Will be missing Rain when he's off to army but before that he'll be releasing a new album, a new movie, and doing his asia tour all within this few months ! I guess he's crazy to have such a schedule as after he performed in malaysia on that day, he left malaysia probably the next day very early in the morning probably 4AM as he reached China for another event at 7AM.
and here's some fancam that my sister took, i couldn't take any video cause i was more to enjoying the show as i took one video which totally failed at the end when rain asked us to jump ! and my video just went ........ HAhhahaha

and if you're taking out the videos/ pictures do credit ~
do ignore the amount of "OMG' in the video and some crazy shouting by everyone ~! it just went WILD !

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