Thursday, October 30, 2008

exhausted or not !!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008 1
basically i went to school today because
  • thought i needed to know what is index number
  • wanted to know my maths marks
  • wanted to see how bad is my biology marks
  • lastly do stock check in coop
anyway, so today the first class add maths
pn.zamzila din came into the class because she was with the coop-ians
and maths paper are not given back so tak tau la
then bio marks >the scariest mark ever
in gamma class the highest is
LEE MEI YIN with 58/100 if im not wrong
look at the marks !!! ah gawd.
now you know how strict is Pn Juliana.
and since we din know our maths marks we got to know out chem Paper 3 marks
basically, the paper i got back my marks today is..ermm..BAD
seems like im gonna flop in the whole final examination
guess i did the right choice to change to gamma from beta beginning of the year
why?cause i met 2 people and we created the s.o.t ,haahaha

the worst thing today is we got to clean the coop !!!!
the amount of dust can make you suffocate !! *i know that dust can't be count*
we basically finish the stock check quite fast
take a longer time cleaning!
as you all seen in Pei Sun blog
I and Pei Sun were too tired and i can't take the heat !!!
the coop is like you're in a sauna room
we wipe the same cupboard,door,leaves,tables and etc
we got too bored and went to bintang cafe
we started cleaning there so that we won't be caught as the one resting !!hah

oh also went to canteen after i din go to the canteen for recess since last year.
ate meehoon and french fries
(better than kyan's one that she bought in pudu)
and i bet most of the coop-ians today are very tired
i took a 3 hour nap !!
no energy at all !!

and we left 2 week of school which is 2 weeks of exam
till then no update on blog since exams coming
tata see ya

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a happy girl !

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 0
why am i happy today?
  • got my oh-so-late birthday present from gaaya
  • looking at gaaya's straightened hair (the front only)
  • will laugh these days whenever i see gaaya. Hahahahahha
  • had a fun day in class after all even there's only a few ppl
the worst or bad thing about today is
  • i've been reading the same page of sejarah the whole day
  • cause i kept on talking and everyone started talking so basically used 1 hour to study 2 sentences !!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Deepavali !

Monday, October 27, 2008 0

Happy Deepavali to all the Hindu !!!
thx too Deepavali we got 2 days of holiday !!!
Deepavali is also known as Festival of Lights

Friday, October 24, 2008

An Abusive Report

Friday, October 24, 2008 0
i had nothing to blog about so let me tell you about abusive person.
Details about this person
  • Female
  • 16 years old
  • short hair
  • wear spec
  • have her yellow buddy with her
  • SMK Seri Bintang Utara
  • appear in 4 Sc Gamma daily (Mon-Fri) except public holidays
  • one of my deskmate
  • a weird personality
  • Many people had become her victim
  • name> Kyan/Trin *
  • big fan of lee hom
*not the real name

These are all the characteristic that i could describe about this abusive girl
Next, is how she abuse ppl and the victims

They ways she abuse :
  1. Hit your arm
  2. Punch your hand/leg
  3. Strangle you until you're going to suffocate
  4. Hit people using her yellow buddy until go red
  5. Ability to hit two person at a time
  6. Drawing pople's hand with all her weird thoughts
Overall, she just keeps hitting and hitting like a punching bag
A warning here to all people who knows her
> never give her a chance to say that you're her guardian angel
>never go near her when she's in her SOT position

Many had become her victim some of them are
  • Mark (her brother)
  • Jo-e (her deskmate)
  • Suki (her deskmate)
  • Moky
  • Eugene
  • Khoi Meng
sorry if i left out anyone cause i might not know who she abuse summore.
Any other people who got abuse by her please tell me.

Remember that the guardian angel word to her means punching bag, or a victim of hers.

Report done by Joo Ee

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Tuesday, October 21, 2008 0
does the word you're killed and you're cute rhymes?

this is what happen today in class
Jooee : Kyan you're killed (pointing at her)
*i know its very random doing that but im bored in class ok*
Kyan : I'm cute?
Jooee : You're killed *repeat it again with better pronouncation*
Kyan : thank you. i know im cute

erm.. kyan still don't get it till must explain properly to her..

Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm 16 !

Monday, October 20, 2008 0

the year 2008 on the 19th Oct is when i turn 16 !!!
thx to everyone who greeted me Happy Birthday !!
all friends and family also to all k-pop or rain fans
at rain-malaysia, soompi and not forgetting the s.o.t.
your dedication made my day better
also Happy Birthday to Durrah ! (we're libra-ians)
also thx to Pei Sun for the "J" necklace !!
>>>Peisun 'J' represent Joo not jojoba !!!
thx to angel and meiyin too for their pressie !
also TQ sis and bro for their presents too !
this is what my sis gave me !!!*the material used is mine summore*
but then today she came back home with this two

cute ma?
yesterday after cutting my cake a while later koko come back with this

overall, kamshamida everyone !!
before i forget got dedication for kyan
she say that want me to thank her for sending message from rain konon-nyer
*you know what i mean kyan*

time is ticking and we are getting older so appreciate every moment of happiness
value your friends and family

Saturday, October 18, 2008

One nine one zero is born !!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008 0
hello people !
at last after all the hesitation about when to create a blog
i decided that i should started it now
i use to have a blog on msn spaces and etc etc
but none seems to be alive for a very long time
but now i think i should create a blog to keep in touch with my friends
so that after form 5
(ok i might think quite far but its our time in school are like 1 year + left only)
another reason is for me to know what have i done during my high school days when i get older
anyway my blog is born and do visit ok??
do wisit my blog
even if it'll be dead cause exam phase 2 is coming
will be putting up a cbox soon
again i declare is born
and this is my first post eyh
thats all for my first post !!
oh also thank you to my sis LIM JOO YING
for helping me with fixing the picture to the correct size on the blog !
aren't i a good sis huh? appreciate it !! haha
addition !!!
thanks to CHOY PEI SUN
for telling my mum oh no suggest to my mum that i should have a blog
evidence gi
ven by the CHOY PEI SUN which is 7th MARCH around 11 AM

P.S : verry efficient ah u pei sun

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