Thursday, October 30, 2008

exhausted or not !!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008
basically i went to school today because
  • thought i needed to know what is index number
  • wanted to know my maths marks
  • wanted to see how bad is my biology marks
  • lastly do stock check in coop
anyway, so today the first class add maths
pn.zamzila din came into the class because she was with the coop-ians
and maths paper are not given back so tak tau la
then bio marks >the scariest mark ever
in gamma class the highest is
LEE MEI YIN with 58/100 if im not wrong
look at the marks !!! ah gawd.
now you know how strict is Pn Juliana.
and since we din know our maths marks we got to know out chem Paper 3 marks
basically, the paper i got back my marks today is..ermm..BAD
seems like im gonna flop in the whole final examination
guess i did the right choice to change to gamma from beta beginning of the year
why?cause i met 2 people and we created the s.o.t ,haahaha

the worst thing today is we got to clean the coop !!!!
the amount of dust can make you suffocate !! *i know that dust can't be count*
we basically finish the stock check quite fast
take a longer time cleaning!
as you all seen in Pei Sun blog
I and Pei Sun were too tired and i can't take the heat !!!
the coop is like you're in a sauna room
we wipe the same cupboard,door,leaves,tables and etc
we got too bored and went to bintang cafe
we started cleaning there so that we won't be caught as the one resting !!hah

oh also went to canteen after i din go to the canteen for recess since last year.
ate meehoon and french fries
(better than kyan's one that she bought in pudu)
and i bet most of the coop-ians today are very tired
i took a 3 hour nap !!
no energy at all !!

and we left 2 week of school which is 2 weeks of exam
till then no update on blog since exams coming
tata see ya


Ah Kong

Dont worry so much about your exam. Just keep on going.... worry will not solve any problem. Keep up being hardworking and leave the rest to God.

Add Math is tough... but still easy compared to Physics

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