Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm 16 !

Monday, October 20, 2008

the year 2008 on the 19th Oct is when i turn 16 !!!
thx to everyone who greeted me Happy Birthday !!
all friends and family also to all k-pop or rain fans
at rain-malaysia, soompi and not forgetting the s.o.t.
your dedication made my day better
also Happy Birthday to Durrah ! (we're libra-ians)
also thx to Pei Sun for the "J" necklace !!
>>>Peisun 'J' represent Joo not jojoba !!!
thx to angel and meiyin too for their pressie !
also TQ sis and bro for their presents too !
this is what my sis gave me !!!*the material used is mine summore*
but then today she came back home with this two

cute ma?
yesterday after cutting my cake a while later koko come back with this

overall, kamshamida everyone !!
before i forget got dedication for kyan
she say that want me to thank her for sending message from rain konon-nyer
*you know what i mean kyan*

time is ticking and we are getting older so appreciate every moment of happiness
value your friends and family


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