Saturday, October 18, 2008

One nine one zero is born !!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008
hello people !
at last after all the hesitation about when to create a blog
i decided that i should started it now
i use to have a blog on msn spaces and etc etc
but none seems to be alive for a very long time
but now i think i should create a blog to keep in touch with my friends
so that after form 5
(ok i might think quite far but its our time in school are like 1 year + left only)
another reason is for me to know what have i done during my high school days when i get older
anyway my blog is born and do visit ok??
do wisit my blog
even if it'll be dead cause exam phase 2 is coming
will be putting up a cbox soon
again i declare is born
and this is my first post eyh
thats all for my first post !!
oh also thank you to my sis LIM JOO YING
for helping me with fixing the picture to the correct size on the blog !
aren't i a good sis huh? appreciate it !! haha
addition !!!
thanks to CHOY PEI SUN
for telling my mum oh no suggest to my mum that i should have a blog
evidence gi
ven by the CHOY PEI SUN which is 7th MARCH around 11 AM

P.S : verry efficient ah u pei sun


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