Monday, November 3, 2008


Monday, November 3, 2008
today is the day where the form 4's start our PHASE 2 exam
basically no mood at all to study
like pei sun ... wanna read but reading wont get anything into the brain
so we're flipping the komsas book only
the chemistry paper is...speechless
cause when i look at the question it seems like i read it before
then im sure i read it before but basically forget ady
what to do?
crap crap crap

the BM paper
started doing ringkasan .. it was ok
then novel - i got quite confused with the kepincangan word . gosh !
then see the least no persoalan cause i memorize non !
tatabahasa is where is made loads of careless mistake...the peribahasa part 6 marks GONE !
why? i do not know any peribahasa that is suitable !
ok now gotta go cramp all my physics that i learn in this few hours !

Good Luck everyone !


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