Sunday, November 23, 2008

Johor trip

Sunday, November 23, 2008
i went to Johor on Friday
and came back yesterday.
my cousin's marriage at Yong Peng
which is in the bridegroom kampung
trip to there only take 2+hours
basically its a simple wedding
cause its kindda far for my other relatives to go to Johor
especially from Perak to Johor

on saturday morning is when the bridegroom pick up the bride
so when they reached the hotel where we stayed
me,sis and cousin only 3 people block the door
and started asking for money $$$
too bad they're kindda KEDEKUT
and wasted a lot time there until the people in the hotel started complaining
that we are very noisy.
so quickly end the money thing and started with other challenged
and he's suppose to choose the correct 2 bra out of 4
and guess one he only manage to choose the one he bought for the bride
and not the other one !!!

one thing very different from KL and Yong Peng is.
they have wedding lunch instead of dinner
even my mum's kampung also does that but not lunch is
and there are many similar shops there selling the same thing
which is clothes and accessories
some shops even have the SAME NAME ..gawd
when you want to enter the shop
you must first take off your shoe
like going to a house
even the owner of the shop also take off their shoes outside
basically outside all the shops also got shoes outside.
i wonder why they do that??
and pictures of the event are not with me
so no pictures for now.

still kindda tired till now slept like a pig yesterday
cause on friday when i reached Johor i didn't manage to sleep at all

thats all for now.


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