Sunday, November 9, 2008

Movie 007 !

Sunday, November 9, 2008
if you got read my sis blog yesterday midnight
then u know that i went and watch movie !
exam is not done yet
but i went to watch movie
actually is my dad the one so Desperate to watch quantum of solace !
and guess what we sat at the 1st ROW !!!


at first i thought that only my family buy the first row ticket
but later in the cinema found out that not only us who bought it
basically there's only 2 space left at the front row
people are desperate !
i still remember when i was young,
me and my family also watch James Bond and ALSO SIT At the first row
i think i was 6 or 7 years old that time..memories..

and the Madagascar 2 is fully booked even if the show start at 11.30 pm

in the cinema is freakingly COLD and thank god pavillion GSC chair is slightly bigger
so i actually squeeze myself and eat popcorn.
the movie was ok to me..all about from car bang car, jet bang jet, shoot here and there
its a nice movie to watch but i don't quite understand some part
cause i did not watch casino royale

I tried studying but i won't work.
so i just read my short story book so i know what it is about
since gamma's English teacher is too good
till i don't understand anything
i din even open the book before to actually understand literature for FORM 4
there's quite a lot of poems and short stories
so how am i gonna answer for the literature part of the story?
i wonder..


P.S : 1 more week of exam. exam is NOT FINISH YET !


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