Sunday, November 30, 2008

party !

Sunday, November 30, 2008
its been long since i go to a party
and yesterday i went to my cousin's church BBQ party
its held at a house
and it is call BBQ party but only a few people actually BBQ-ed and others like me just MAKAN

anyway the games was fun
though i keep getting the job of a doctor but kept saving the mafia
sorry to all citizen that died cause doctor din save them !! HAha
and sometimes doctor must also save themselves right so dun call me selfish !
one of the funniest thing yesterday waa
Lim Joo Ying became the mafia and did the fish dance
so everyone suspected her to be the mafia at the starting of the game
and Lim Joo Ying died at the very starting of the game! *dongdong*
P.S: next time don't do a dance when u got to be the mafia !

it was a fun game
not to mention NO ONE could break the soo called magic did by sis and me
hahah cracking their heads off make me laugh like mad
and thx to rebecca for keeping it a secret when we're doing the trick
now the people who know the trick are those went to yum cha after the party at 12am

at least i got my mind with happy things than only thinking about my results
got it right before i go to the party
reached home around 1.20 am i guess
tired like hell but can't sleep so watched gem of life with sis until 2.40am
slept and woke up this morning with leg pain
i didn't even do any leg exercise but got a leg pain..weird
lastly, yesterday was a fun day even with the shock of my exam slip.


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