Friday, November 7, 2008

Ranism !

Friday, November 7, 2008
hello !!! back from school and everyone is like very stress free
padahal exam not yet finish...
let me remind you
we still got English Paper 2, Physics,Chem,Bio,Maths *paper 1* AND PJK *darn*
today exam is hard for me
  • i'm not good additional maths
  • and Bio paper is hard for me cause i don't understand the experiment !
and other school students are mostly on holiday already
cause they do not need to go to school to give space for the SPM students
but our school is very different, we have exam till the last day of school

also today during additional maths paper
basically can't concentrate cause the form 5 is in the skylite having their salam restu i guess
and those songs are playing in my head when im doing my paper
manage to finish the paper by crapping and do whatever equation or formula i can

and one happy thing that i can celebrate is I GOT HOLD OF RAIN 5th Album- Ranism !!
at last since it release around 2 weeks ago in Korea.
thx to warner music for importing the CD so that i do not need to wait for the malaysia version one that is coming out around this month.
i wonder would it have the same packaging as the one that i bought

Sis help me to buy at pavillion cause she finish her AS level already
and i still gotta study with her enjoying movies,drama and etc.
but too bad speedy dun have the poster cause finish ady

P.S : Remember to study


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