Sunday, November 30, 2008


Sunday, November 30, 2008
humans are kind of weak sometimes
we get infected easily to many harmful things
my dad are now currently in the hospital
highly suspecting to be having dengue
he was already not well this morning
so mom call dad to go see doctor
but he thought that it might be the same sickness he had 2 weeks ago
this time is different. his face got all red

till in the evening he went to see a doctor at a nearby clinic
and was called to go to the hospital
hope dad will get well soon ya !!!

and to grandma who is also in the hospital
due to her leg cause it looks swollen
it seriously took a long time for her leg to cure
because she got diabetes !

so hope family and friends stay healthy !
don't go overweight or obese or even underweight !!
haha. eating healthy is the issue everyone is taking seriously

and now im hoping that the people won't come to my house to spray those things
that will kill the mosquitoes
cause it will make the house oily
i know what a disaster it can make cause my bro got dengue before
and i remember the time he got it is when many many people got dengue
he was suppose to stay in hospital but he can't cause no space at hopital pantai cheras
and are asked to go to hospital everyday to have a blood test !

when the people who came and spray those totally smelly smoke
i was outside the house vomiting !! can't stand the smell !
till then, everyone take care ya !


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