Tuesday, December 16, 2008

asia version?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008
i've got nothing to post on my blog
cause i did not go anywhere except to work
and then back home
so i'll just post something random
which is rain's asian album is in CD stores
not much different from the Rainism album i bought
just that this version got additional of a few songs
which is "Love Story" in English version, and chinese version
and i think the japanese version will be out soon but not in this edition.
wondering whether should i buy ??
since i bought already the Rainism one which i think that cover is nicer
but this album is asia edition

btw the english version and chinese version is on youtube
love the english version but don't quite like the chinese version
maybe its because when a korean pronounce chinese
they have a particular accent which i don't understand
however still like the original version !!
btw rain's concert will be starting soon
cause its reported that rain gonna have concert in shanghai on 10th january 2008
hopefully he can come back to malaysia and perform begining of the year
cause after that we gotta like all study for SPM or even the trials !! oh gawd
thinking about it makes me wanna run away from school..

The english version

The Chinese Version


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