Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the last day of the year !!!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008
2008 > 2009
still can't immagine i've been living on planet earth got like 16 year already?
we're born on like the year 1992 and now is like all 2009 and soon 2010
i think this would be my last post for the year
and its time to celebrate !!!! inviting year 2009 !!! must get use to writing 2009 now. haha

think back what have i done in the year 2008...
its a chaos begining of the year in school
cause my name was in both classes in 4 beta and gamma
so of course i went to beta at first
till this 2 person from gamma came up to beta hesitating to go in to the class to call me out
its because most of my friends are in beta
the two people mentioned is kyan and mei yin
they called me to go to gamma since my name is in the gamma list
so i just went down happily...i don't even know why im soo happy that time
kyan and mei yin got shocked i think to see that im happy to go to gamma

wanted to change back to beta at fist but after knowing whose they maths teacher originally i decided to stay in gamma *Hahahha*
i can say that i made the best decision ever
cause in the class i met many people and seems to bond more
even the S.O.T is created starting when suk khuan enter gamma
hahaha love it !!!!
and the year 2008 is the first year i ever take such few subjects for tuition
only took up chemistry and biology tuition !!!
now i think i know why my results suck *ADD MATHS*
first time ever took soo many exam paper
its been a year... many ups and down on friendships
anyway, a better year is coming
and its our last year and it'll be hard to meet back your friends if we lost contact

and to peisun did u realise that our friendship has been for 10 year already?!?! or 11 years?
even if we're not that close when we're in pre school !! hahahah
never though it'll last soo long.. we even used to stay at the same area...and went to same school after pre-school which is BBGS !! and met again and became friends again.
i think its amazing.... and this is what we call friends for life yo !!!

btw,many things that need to be accomplished
for example
  • SPM .. gotta study and catch up whatever i missed in form 4
  • play hard too cause its the last year we will be in high school
  • think about what i want to be in future *i've been blur*
  • enjoy senior year cause its once in a lifetime

wish family and friends healthy and be happy !!!
and if u're reading this blog and lives near where i live
you can come to my house
cause there'll be a party held opposite my house (the playground)
by the Taman Lembah Maju comitee
there'll be food, performance, fireworks, and etc.
don't need to crowd at KL to watch fireworks ! HAhaha
and pls pls don't rain today at night !!!
smiles to all !!


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