Tuesday, December 30, 2008

school !

Tuesday, December 30, 2008
my brain seems to have lost the word school !!
been working for the whole holiday
and now school gonna re-open soon
dahlah i everyday go to school this holiday because of work
now its the time to go back to my own school
so today asked sis to go to our school bookshop to buy books
i only buy buku nota and a buku catatan
so both books cover is....no comment
the book is thinner and i dunno why the lines in the books
seem to be less cause there quite a big space on top

even bought the penulisan book
the cover is like the normal one
BUT the contents is just straight lines..
don't have the box here the teacher could write the marks on.
anyway school starting and CNY coming !!
me love !!
what i hate is SPM coming
im like a total useless calon SPM for next year
can't even master my form 4 syllabus
and now form 5?

btw, congrats to all PMR students who got full 'A'
or got the results they want.
i wonder how many ppl in our school got full 'A'
more than last year?
i wonder

till then
see ya soon in school next week !!
its GRADUATION YEAR !!*high school la*


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