Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Fill in the blanks.
I'm a 'k-pop freak'
Because 'i love rain jung's performance'
I should "glad that i went to his concert"

Rules & Regulations:
-do not copy answers
-the tag questions must be 100% the same
-tag people after doing tag-no tagging back

1) kyan
2) moky
3) pei sun
4) gaaya
5) suk khuan
6) angel
7) jooying
8) tung
9) xiau wei
10) joey

1. How do you know 1?(kyan)
she's the one that kacau me all the time and only knows how to write the word leehom all over my notebook

2. What would you do if you never met 2?(moky)
i think there will be not that much fun in school.btw she's attractive !!!

3. What would you do if 3 and 4 dated you?(peisun & gaaya)
in another way we dated most of the time !! HAhaha

4. Would 5 and 6 make a good couple?(sukkhuan & angel)
if they want to... i think yup they'll be a perfect couple :-)

5. Do you think 7 is attractive?(jooying)
never !!! cause she annoys me with her "i love you" expression.

6. Do you know anything about 8's family?(tung)
nope..but she likes farenheit..

7. Tell me something about 9.(xiau wei)
she is also a victim of the person mentioned at no.1

8. What language does 2 speak? (moky)
unknown language but sometimes understand-able !!

9. Who is 3 goin out with?(peisun)
ME cause we dated like in question 3

10. How old is number 4?(gaaya)
16 going 17

11. 5?(suk khuan)
a month more will be her 17th birthday !!!

12. Who is 6 favourite singer?(angel)
joey, twins, and japanese singer that i taktau la..

13. 7?(jooying)
jay chou..

14. Is 8 single?(ying tung)
i guess so. i guess not. i dunno. haha.

15. What is 9 last name?(xiau wei)
ong. but thats surname its also last name right?

16. Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?(kyan)
that will never happen... if only the world turned upside down

17. Which school does 10 go to?(joey)
same as me but different class... can hear her coming when the word arashi mentioned

18. What do you like about 3?(peisun)
she talks crap when i need to hear some..hehe
and i like her brain too !!!

Tagged #2

(1) : For those who got tagged,please write the answers in your blog.
(2) : Forward this tag to 10 people.
(3) : Inform the 10 that they are being tagged.
(4) : The 10 cannot decline the tag.
(5) : Those who got tagged must specify the person who tag and the place where the tag been received.
(6) : Those who got tagged will receive a special blessing.

Let the fun begin.

NO 1 ♥
01 your nickname : jo-e
02 age : 16
03 DOB : 19th October
04 Zodiac Sign: monkey
05 interests : entertainments (music,drama,movies) and Rain

NO 2 ♥
01 crush ? : rain !! he's super HOT in his 5th album.
02 are you in a relationship ? : nope
03 live in happiness now ? : yup
04 if god gives you unlimited courage, what will you like to do ? : be on tv worldwide !!
05 if one day, the one you love confesses to you ? : no comment

NO 3 ♥
01 the one who tagged you is : kyan
02 she / he is your : s.o.t friend
03 how is she / he ? : have a brain full of leehom and things to torture me
04 how long have you been knowing her / him ? : hrmm...not sure le. form 3 i know her i guess
05 what do you think of her / him ? : crazy human
06 what will you like to tell her / him ? : STOP DREAMING !!!

NO 4 ♥
01 your favorite show : C.S.I NY !!!
02 your favorite music : anything but not those hard rock
03 your favorite season : summer. cause there's only summer in malaysia
04 your favorite cartoon : mr.bean !! AWKAKAK
05 your favorite person ( the one you love the most ) : myself.
06 your favorite color : blue,purple,pink
07 your favorite country : korea,japan
08 your favorite weather : cold. like winter !

NO 5 ♥
01 if the god gives you three wishes : travel around the world and i'll keep the other two wishes.
02 are you a single-minded person? : nope
03 your most unforgettable and memorable memory is : a lot. like Rain's concert encore ! whee
04 are you a person who full with confidence? : nope
05 do you like to smile? : if i have the mood
06 will you choose to give up current living status? : no.cause im happy now
07 what kind of life do you hope for? : a life that is complete with what i want

your wish whether you want to do the tag or not.
cause im a good person and don't force people !! haha


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