Monday, December 8, 2008

Wedding Dinner

Monday, December 8, 2008
many people are having their wedding this month
which also equals to more angpau on CNY $$$
since i last attend my cousin's wedding in Johor
On Friday, just attended my other relative's wedding dinner
dinner held at Bukit Jalil at some golf park
whatever is it
but its an exciting dinner although the food taste bad
not one dish i can say its perfectly great

the main thing for the night
are to make my grandma happier since she's bored at home most of the time
the funniest part is the yum-seng part
the LIM family had a plan of our own on yum seng the longest
this plan came out when sis and i found that the people in other tables
are not in the mood to the wedding dinner

since me and sis had a blast at Johor's wedding
so we bought the idea to the event
so the LIM family had our Super plan
by getting the loudest and longest YUmmmmm seng than other tables
can call us idiot but because of us
the tables after us are TRYING TO PK with us but shouting louder
so the plan of u say me say and even using finger signals to know when to stop there goes the plan
meanhile,my grandma's table and where the gentlements sat including my bro
one word for them !! they SUCK !! hahahahha
no sound at all just the body standing and smiling !

so when the bride and bridegroom reached our table
plans started and guess what !!!!!
my aunty all bersemangat shouting at the begining
and less than 1 minute later they started laughing cause can't shout any longer
leaving me and sis shouting YUMMM and they laugh and trying their best to speak
lastly could stand no more and go for the SENG
they all started laughing and clapping like mad
it was fun

but my uncle call my aunty's "Si lai sat kung"*cantonese*(housewife gone mad)
but our hard work pay off as the whole event become merry-ier
what i can say is that the 5 auties that i had are all gone out of control
they talk about almost everyone or everything there from relatives, how they wear and stuff like that
so i had a blast

lastly the next day gotta go work even on saturday
what i do there? sell some books and started sleeping on the table
and at least tommorow i no need to work cause Haji
so everyone have a nice holiday
and X'mas is coming.yay


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