Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chinese New Year Holidays

Thursday, January 29, 2009 0
whats good about Chinese New Year
first, get to makan a LOT !! *even if im having sore throut and flu **nyaris-nyaris fever*
but WHO CARE ... eat and drink everything that shouldn't be taken !
another thing is of course everyone's favourite !! ANGPOW or red packets.
not to mention
gambling of course
even if i reach home like around 11 am already
but what my family will do i "hoi toi" and main mahjong !!!
played mostly mahjong and only a little blackjack !
this year new year also very different
the first year my family didn't stay at mum's hometown
just went there and came back on the same day !
now, also at PJ kota damansara utama
cause my aunt is here
been here almost everyday !!! and makan and makan

so i think thats all for the update see ya all soon !! booyah

p.s : ppl don't eat too much ya !! later gt fat oh

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the year of ox !

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 0
ahahha at last i manage to get some time to online
its chinese new year and most of you are definally very busy
now currently in cousin's house
cause this year i ain't going back to mom's hometown first
instead its at KL this year
tommorow only i will be heading to Perak
and might be back to KL tommorow night too
caue bro got lessons.. oh well its good also not to stay there for a few days like before
cause at least i know i can get to online !! haha

been gambling with my family members
and the great thing is i manage to win without any guidance from my mum !!
i love it when a beginner beats an expert !
and when dad lose he'll just say he's too sleepy cause its already midnight !

so everyone have a nice week of holidays
will see you people very soon
remember to do your homework to all gamma-ians !!!
there's BM novel notes, est to finish, sejarah and etc.
just as a reminder ok .. won't spoil the CNY mood !!!

and when i'm back to school from CNY !!!
i'll be a ahlong back
cause got to collect money again
so people who didn't pay for the month JANUARY
its for your own good so that next time you would not need to pay a whole big sum
for the school magazine cover!!

till then,
bye !

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday !

Friday, January 23, 2009 0
another birthday for January is Pei Sun's Birthday
the girl who's desperate to drive a car
now she's 17. can go learn to drive ady
time passes sooo fast and soon we'll be graduating from high school
like always. i always hope to turn back to time and back to kindergarten
where all kids are all soo innocent
and me being a quite and good girl when i was young till NOW!!!

and pei sun hope you'll like the presents we gave
and hope you success in everything you do
i really can't remember back our kindergarten friends
only remember there's a fat boy,a boy with 6 fingers and a super naughty boy that always made the whole class got punishment by the chinese language teacher.
anyway !

Happy 17th Birthday !!!
May All Your Wish Come True !!!
Don't Forget !
*even if there's a lot of homework to do*

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Interesting things... haha

Thursday, January 22, 2009 0
you do know those Japan toilet seats are freakking-ly modern
some even have a remote control for the toilet seat
and now.. a new creation.. Toilet seat that can use to weight ur body !!

Fat Before a Visit to the Loo, Skinny After

You know they say you’re a few pounds lighter after a seated visit to the loo, it’s true. Designer Haikun Deng designed a toilet seat with a built-in digital scale but her rationale behind its conception is a bit counter productive. It’s designed for women who are constantly monitoring their weight. The need to feel skinny is satisfied every time they finish the “doo.”

I have 2 concerns. Should we really be designing products to reinforce people’s self doubts and esteem problems? Secondly I thought you could only get an accurate weight reading standing up or completely suspended.

Actually I just thought of a 3rd concern. The protagonist in Haikun’s illustrations is clearly skinny. She shouldn’t be worried about being fat. See, SEE what the media is doing to us! Now excuse me while I go on a food binge.

Designer: Haikun Deng

another interesting one Hamburger bed !!!
looks soo comfortable !! fuuyoh !


The Hamburger bed (which is actually a cheeseburger) is a round bed that looks like a hamburger and has a Facebook fan page. I was going to become a fan, but decided I'd probably end up stalking that delicious bitch and that would bad. So, instead, I'm going to make my own taco bed.

UPDATE: So I had this weird dream about being a giant last night and, fuck, I think I ate my pillows.

Hit the jump for a few more shots and a link to the burger's Facebook page. And, while you're at it, friend me, ladies.



i'll just post these that i think its really funny ! hahha

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Update update !!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 0
look at the title..
i know. i didn't update my blog for quite some time
at least i blog about jason mraz coming right !!!
wanted to blog about dinner last sunday at the Thean Hou Temple. but im too lazy to upload the pictures.

anyway today is quite a fun day !!!
staying back for maclay with gaaya tumpang with maclay.
so at first like normal we got to run 3 laps at the field
but instead what we did was
sitting at the canteen and chit chatting.
kyan was hungry so of course we pergi makan bersama-sama with her
wait for the burger to cook. then till kyan finish it
ngam ngam its in 3 laps time !! aha
so basically we din run and went back to skylite for the high jump event
everyone was excited to jump
sounds weird? nope. cause in maclay if you jump pass or not no one will care
as there's only a few seniors there
i can even count it with my fingers the amount of ppl jumping

after i jump and tried again and again for fun
suddenly Pn Fadzelah called gaaya to jump
since gaaya is from Green
and everyone in Maclay jumped already except some.....
for Example !!!
KEI YAN ! she can actually dissapear soo fast.
i was sitting and talking to gaaya
then suddenly when its the form 5 turn to jump
kyan got lost. cass was asking where's kyan
and no one know where she go...
but she did attempt to jump by just running to the pole and STOP there
cause me and gaaya kept shouting LEEHOM !!! her high jump phobia..
i got to know this maybe 2 years ago where i wanted to cheer for her and instead i said leehom
and she freak out ! Hahaha

and oh ya..back to the topic
gaaya jumped like 3-4 times.. ahhaa
cause she failed ma
and there's a junior who is from green i think
wanted her to jump soo badly and teach her all the steps
u expect gaaya to atually understand her... NEVER !!
so we all just play play and jump jump

and during the whole stayback time
me & gaaya was singing kate perry "hot & cold"
even tried lip-syne while gaaya sing at the back of me!
its insane overall

and btw, i seems to have a lot homework to do
its like the homework keep getting more and more.
i even finish most of my homework
but once a new day comes, there'll be another stack of homework
till then tata !!
don't know till when only i would update my blog.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jason Mraz Live in Malaysia 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009 0
after rihanna there's JASON MRAZ !!!
ahhh soo many concerts . want to go to all of them but
currently saving for Rain's upcoming Asian/World Tour !! DARMM
u do know how expensive rain's concert can be
Legend Rainism Tour will start around march and its still unknown
whether malaysia will be one of the tour stop.
AND its starts around march... and we're having SPM this year
and if it clashes with any exam...IM DOOMED !!! cannot go concert...NONOO

anyway back to the topic !! JASON MRAZ !!!
the guy who sigs "im yours" love love love that song
and for those who are interested. just to let ya'll know
his concert will be at Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur
and i've seen the seating plan and the tickets prices are ok
compared to RAIN's World Tour !!! gawd !!
stadium merdeka have more places means more ppl can go in
compared to rihanna's at putra stadium !!
WHY don't they come last year !!! why oh why.
not to mention. to those farenheit fans.
since their concert its postponed to 28th March
so their concert also coming too !!!

*just realise the year 2009 seems to be moving quite fast too *

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tuition is ...

Sunday, January 11, 2009 0
went martin for the first time ever on saturday
met loads of SBU-ians there
so i basically went to register and stuff like that
then i receive a sms from kyan
asking whether i reach ady anot
dun even bother to reply cause will see her
so once i reach that class for BM
i was like...freakking many ppl in class ady
so i got to search for NG KEI YAN
till i walk to the front and say a gila person

so the situation goes like this
i reach the place
Joo : Kyan !
Kyan : *busy sms-ing* JoO Ee !

( at here i realise this is how we greet each other !! hahaha)

then bla blbabla and kyan started her Leehom syndrome *a very dangerous syndrome*
a minute latert
started showing all the leehom pictures
so than class start and salihah was teaching abt the komsas and novel
for that 1 hour...i've been suffering with almost a thousand times of the word " Leehom"
forgot the conversation bu its all abt leehom this and that

next class chem ..
btw thanks meiyin for staying at the class to "jaga" our place
so i got to stuck with kyan again
and this time its not kyan its the teacher
Razazu ....first expression
  • is that his voice?!? and asked kyan and she say he got surgery
  • and for no reason i kept laughing when i saw him
and the room is soo cold till he ask me cold or x
everyone is freezing
and he say he panas cause he walk here and there..

third class kyan went for addmaths
and i stay for bio with razazu also
lastly physics...
walau the teacher is freakking loud...but funny also la
then class end and went to KLCC for the edu fair

reach there also like 3.45pm cause stuck in traffic
in the edu fair saw pave,dharr, and jon
and at the KDU booth dhar was basically flirting and make pave and jon to wait !!
i was sitiing down and my sis are busy asking the counselor questions..

so thats my weekend and tommorow is MONDAY
means school again
and AGM is starting... still don't know what persatuan to join
any suggestions???

and today peisun came to my house..for what??
to take my last year novel notes cause cik rahayu teacher me last year
and to take the bukit kepong book
wow...seems like everyone is preparing for rahayu's quiz
good luck to all omega-ians
how i wish rahayu is my BM teacher but too bad la.
btw,peisun is scared of the dog outside my house !! hahahha
the dog wont bite you one la peisun
its basically the bodyguard for my house and the neighbours.

and to gamma-ians who are reading this
pay your RM 5 ASAP so that i no need to be ahlong la

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rihanna !!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009 0

Rihanna will be performing in Malaysia !!!
and its a day before valentine's !! hahha
like her music and wanted to go
if i really want to go i got to fork out my own money $$$
so too bad la.. i rather watch rain's concert
hopefully malaysia would be one of the world tour for rain's fifth album concert

btw, there's no worries in rihanna's concert about any cancellation
as the major problem is solved which is dress code !!!
Rihanna agreed to cover up for her Good Girl Gone Bad world tour in Malaysia
so if you are a fan of rihanna better start preparing money to book the tickets

i myself really wanted to see rihanna sing live !!!
DISTURBIA !! the first time i heard it i hate the song
but soon it gets into my brain and i love it
not to mention rehab,dont stop the music,take a bow
and ETC..

Monday, January 5, 2009

hello school !!!

Monday, January 5, 2009 1
today is the first day of school
and its time to actually start studying
i forgot all my add maths formula
basically forgot all information on sejarah form 4
and everything also forgot !!
and its SPM year
dammit !!!
anyway look at this

10 Weirdest Asian Stories of 2008

1. Man Almost Loses Penis Humping Steel Bench

hk-man-penis02 Man Almost Loses Penis Humping Steel Bench picture

Xing, a 41 year-old man, was calling from LanTian park in the middle of the night. The lonely and disturbed man had apparently thought it would be fun to have sex with one of the steel sit-up benches around the park.

The bench has numerous small holes in it, which Xing used to attempt to satisfy himself. However, once he became aroused he found that he was stuck and could not get his penis out of the small hole.

2. Court Finds Model Innocent Based on Breast Size

 Court Finds Model Innocent Based on Breast Size picture Court Finds Model Innocent Based on Breast Size picture

Serena, 38 years old, was charged and found guilty of breaking into a man’s apartment by kicking in a hole in his door and crawling through because he was with another woman.

The bikini model was cleared of all charges after the defense council help up a plate showing the size of the hole that Serena was accused of kicking in. It was clear that the hole in the door was not large enough for the 44-inch bust model to squeeze through.

3. Vagina Ripped Apart by Water Fountain

236b Vagina Ripped Apart by Water Fountain picture

In August of 2007, Yang was at a local center square in the Henan Province of China. She went with some friends to enjoy the day and see the musical water fountain show.

Yang and her friends were playing in the water fountain area and enjoying the light burst of water that would spray them. All of a sudden, while Yang was struck by a powerful burst of water that threw her into the air.

4. Chinese Girl Has Basketball for a Body

qianhongyan Chinese Girl Has Basketball for a Body picture

Qian Hongyan, who was forced to use half a basketball as her prosthetic body, has inspired millions recently with her ambition to compete as a swimmer in the 2012 Paralympics in London.

5. After 85 Years, First Gremlin Found Alive

gremlin01 After 85 Years, First Gremlin Found Alive picture

Hiding in the mountaintops of a cloud forest in Indonesia, these little Gremlins weigh about 2 ounces, have large eyes, claws instead of fingernails, and are covered in fur to keep warm in the damp and cool environment.

6. 2 Faced Baby Born in India

2face-girl 2 Faced Baby Born in India picture

She was born with 4 eyes, 2 noses, 2 mouths, 2 ears, and 1 dimple on a shared cheek.

Similar to Lakshmi Tatma, a 2 year-old girl born with four arms and four legs, she is revered as a reincarnated god by her local villagers, who sing and dance regularly for her.

7. Woman Addicted to Surgery Injects Oil Into Her Face

korea-surgery-addict Woman Addicted to Surgery Injects Oil Into Her Face picture

Mioku was so addicted to plastic surgery, she would even inject cooking oil into her face when the silicone supply ran out.

Recently, Mioku was featured on a Korean TV show for her addiction and deformities. Many viewers sent in money to help her get additional surgeries to help reduce the size of her face.

8. Spirit Detains Burglar for 3 Days in Home

ghost Spirit Detains Burglar for 3 Days in Home picture

The burglar told the Police that after he entered through the back door, he was blinded and felt as though he was in a cave. “Each time I wanted to flee, I felt a ’supernatural figure’ shoving me to the ground.”

He was held captive by the spirit for 3 days without food or water.

9. Man’s Vomit Poisons 54 People

toxic-suicide Mans Vomit Poisons 54 People picture

In Kumamoto, Japan, a man was rushed to the emergency room after drinking large amounts of pesticide and poisoning himself. Doctors were attempting to pump the patients stomach when he started violently vomiting before dying.

The spray of chloropicrin, a very dangerous pesticide, was so toxic it cause 54 doctors, nurses, and patients to have breathing problems and sores in their eyes, leaving them desperate for medical help.

10. 74 Year-Old Japanese Porn Star Still Going

elderly-porn 74 Year-Old Japanese Porn Star Still Going picture

“Lately I’m also starring as the main actor in a porn series set in a senior-care home. The girl that I’m costarring with might play my son’s wife, a daughter of a relative that I happen to be looking after, or a helper at one of the care homes.”

It all started over 20 years ago, when Shigeo wanted to buy a porn video and was embarassed to purchase it at an adult store. He went to the production company itself and over time became friends with the director.

source :

i don't quite understand why they call it weird.

its just some random news to me ..Haha

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Senior Year 2009 !!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009 0
school gonna start soon *tommorow*
so hope to see everyone tommorow
and its a new year
everyone is going to loads of tuition..
studying harder
cause SPM is this year
hopefully i will be able to be more hardworking

i would not want to regret in the future
for not studying harder.
hopefully it'll be a great senior year
and to gamma-ians !! fight for it to show that we're not bad students
since teacher always think gamma have bad student...and i dunno why they think that way//

good night !!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009 !!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009 0
the year 2009 arrived
another year coming
and the year 2008 is great
education in 2008... im too lazy to study and ends up with bad results
friends... got a huge bump where i found out how many things changed
family... all great and i loved family gathering. hope everyone be healthy yo.

welcomed 2009 at the playground opposite my house
where is fireworks is placed like maybe 3-5 metre away from me
so its very near and fun too !!
i can say the party yesterday was a success though there are soo many mosquito*still my enemy*

and this is the first post for the year 2009 !!!
may this year full of joy and i won't regret it when another year comes
hopes everything in "to do list 2009" could be completed

before i end this post
sorry to fellow coop-ians
cause i could not be at school tommorow for orientation
cause im working and its also a busy day so i can't take leave

talking about work.
no holiday for me today
but its double pay plus no need to work at all
just sit there and talk ! hahaha
no customers coming to buy books cause they do not know we open today
and my aunt even called me to go home an hour early
hahaha but tommorow would be a tiring day... open early close early too ! haha

thats all hope to see everyone soon in school !!!
senior year..whee
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