Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chinese New Year Holidays

Thursday, January 29, 2009
whats good about Chinese New Year
first, get to makan a LOT !! *even if im having sore throut and flu **nyaris-nyaris fever*
but WHO CARE ... eat and drink everything that shouldn't be taken !
another thing is of course everyone's favourite !! ANGPOW or red packets.
not to mention
gambling of course
even if i reach home like around 11 am already
but what my family will do i "hoi toi" and main mahjong !!!
played mostly mahjong and only a little blackjack !
this year new year also very different
the first year my family didn't stay at mum's hometown
just went there and came back on the same day !
now, also at PJ kota damansara utama
cause my aunt is here
been here almost everyday !!! and makan and makan

so i think thats all for the update see ya all soon !! booyah

p.s : ppl don't eat too much ya !! later gt fat oh


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