Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009 !!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009
the year 2009 arrived
another year coming
and the year 2008 is great
education in 2008... im too lazy to study and ends up with bad results
friends... got a huge bump where i found out how many things changed
family... all great and i loved family gathering. hope everyone be healthy yo.

welcomed 2009 at the playground opposite my house
where is fireworks is placed like maybe 3-5 metre away from me
so its very near and fun too !!
i can say the party yesterday was a success though there are soo many mosquito*still my enemy*

and this is the first post for the year 2009 !!!
may this year full of joy and i won't regret it when another year comes
hopes everything in "to do list 2009" could be completed

before i end this post
sorry to fellow coop-ians
cause i could not be at school tommorow for orientation
cause im working and its also a busy day so i can't take leave

talking about work.
no holiday for me today
but its double pay plus no need to work at all
just sit there and talk ! hahaha
no customers coming to buy books cause they do not know we open today
and my aunt even called me to go home an hour early
hahaha but tommorow would be a tiring day... open early close early too ! haha

thats all hope to see everyone soon in school !!!
senior year..whee


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