Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tuition is ...

Sunday, January 11, 2009
went martin for the first time ever on saturday
met loads of SBU-ians there
so i basically went to register and stuff like that
then i receive a sms from kyan
asking whether i reach ady anot
dun even bother to reply cause will see her
so once i reach that class for BM
i was like...freakking many ppl in class ady
so i got to search for NG KEI YAN
till i walk to the front and say a gila person

so the situation goes like this
i reach the place
Joo : Kyan !
Kyan : *busy sms-ing* JoO Ee !

( at here i realise this is how we greet each other !! hahaha)

then bla blbabla and kyan started her Leehom syndrome *a very dangerous syndrome*
a minute latert
started showing all the leehom pictures
so than class start and salihah was teaching abt the komsas and novel
for that 1 hour...i've been suffering with almost a thousand times of the word " Leehom"
forgot the conversation bu its all abt leehom this and that

next class chem ..
btw thanks meiyin for staying at the class to "jaga" our place
so i got to stuck with kyan again
and this time its not kyan its the teacher
Razazu ....first expression
  • is that his voice?!? and asked kyan and she say he got surgery
  • and for no reason i kept laughing when i saw him
and the room is soo cold till he ask me cold or x
everyone is freezing
and he say he panas cause he walk here and there..

third class kyan went for addmaths
and i stay for bio with razazu also
lastly physics...
walau the teacher is freakking loud...but funny also la
then class end and went to KLCC for the edu fair

reach there also like 3.45pm cause stuck in traffic
in the edu fair saw pave,dharr, and jon
and at the KDU booth dhar was basically flirting and make pave and jon to wait !!
i was sitiing down and my sis are busy asking the counselor questions..

so thats my weekend and tommorow is MONDAY
means school again
and AGM is starting... still don't know what persatuan to join
any suggestions???

and today peisun came to my house..for what??
to take my last year novel notes cause cik rahayu teacher me last year
and to take the bukit kepong book
wow...seems like everyone is preparing for rahayu's quiz
good luck to all omega-ians
how i wish rahayu is my BM teacher but too bad la.
btw,peisun is scared of the dog outside my house !! hahahha
the dog wont bite you one la peisun
its basically the bodyguard for my house and the neighbours.

and to gamma-ians who are reading this
pay your RM 5 ASAP so that i no need to be ahlong la


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