Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Update update !!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009
look at the title..
i know. i didn't update my blog for quite some time
at least i blog about jason mraz coming right !!!
wanted to blog about dinner last sunday at the Thean Hou Temple. but im too lazy to upload the pictures.

anyway today is quite a fun day !!!
staying back for maclay with gaaya tumpang with maclay.
so at first like normal we got to run 3 laps at the field
but instead what we did was
sitting at the canteen and chit chatting.
kyan was hungry so of course we pergi makan bersama-sama with her
wait for the burger to cook. then till kyan finish it
ngam ngam its in 3 laps time !! aha
so basically we din run and went back to skylite for the high jump event
everyone was excited to jump
sounds weird? nope. cause in maclay if you jump pass or not no one will care
as there's only a few seniors there
i can even count it with my fingers the amount of ppl jumping

after i jump and tried again and again for fun
suddenly Pn Fadzelah called gaaya to jump
since gaaya is from Green
and everyone in Maclay jumped already except some.....
for Example !!!
KEI YAN ! she can actually dissapear soo fast.
i was sitting and talking to gaaya
then suddenly when its the form 5 turn to jump
kyan got lost. cass was asking where's kyan
and no one know where she go...
but she did attempt to jump by just running to the pole and STOP there
cause me and gaaya kept shouting LEEHOM !!! her high jump phobia..
i got to know this maybe 2 years ago where i wanted to cheer for her and instead i said leehom
and she freak out ! Hahaha

and oh ya..back to the topic
gaaya jumped like 3-4 times.. ahhaa
cause she failed ma
and there's a junior who is from green i think
wanted her to jump soo badly and teach her all the steps
u expect gaaya to atually understand her... NEVER !!
so we all just play play and jump jump

and during the whole stayback time
me & gaaya was singing kate perry "hot & cold"
even tried lip-syne while gaaya sing at the back of me!
its insane overall

and btw, i seems to have a lot homework to do
its like the homework keep getting more and more.
i even finish most of my homework
but once a new day comes, there'll be another stack of homework
till then tata !!
don't know till when only i would update my blog.



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