Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the year of ox !

Tuesday, January 27, 2009
ahahha at last i manage to get some time to online
its chinese new year and most of you are definally very busy
now currently in cousin's house
cause this year i ain't going back to mom's hometown first
instead its at KL this year
tommorow only i will be heading to Perak
and might be back to KL tommorow night too
caue bro got lessons.. oh well its good also not to stay there for a few days like before
cause at least i know i can get to online !! haha

been gambling with my family members
and the great thing is i manage to win without any guidance from my mum !!
i love it when a beginner beats an expert !
and when dad lose he'll just say he's too sleepy cause its already midnight !

so everyone have a nice week of holidays
will see you people very soon
remember to do your homework to all gamma-ians !!!
there's BM novel notes, est to finish, sejarah and etc.
just as a reminder ok .. won't spoil the CNY mood !!!

and when i'm back to school from CNY !!!
i'll be a ahlong back
cause got to collect money again
so people who didn't pay for the month JANUARY
its for your own good so that next time you would not need to pay a whole big sum
for the school magazine cover!!

till then,
bye !


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