Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Wednesday, February 25, 2009 0
i dont know what to blog about these days.
sports day?
congrats to Green house for being the champion !!
maclay. not bad we got 2nd !!! cheered like nobody's business during sports day
i can say being senior on sports day is great !!!
rather than just sitting in the tent.

oh yes.
i've got another thing to blog !
Rain Jung
hahaha saw him on star newspaper
and watched him on discovery channel yesterday !
wanna watch ? go search on youtube by typing "hip korea discovery"
it was definally a nice documentary about rain
and its the first time ever all the fans watch discovery
no matter which country are you in.

btw, im addicted to this particular drama now.
boys over flower
and as you all know, im not a fan of anime or manga
so when my sis was all hyper about hana yori dango
i don''t even bother to know what its about
and now after KBS world started airing it.
got totally addicted cause its been long since i do a drama marathon
but i shouldn't start watching this drama so early
cause this drama only air in korea for like 2 episode a week
and now still not yet air finish
only until episode 16.
total episodes are 24/26
means there around 1 more month till i can actually finish the drama !
now i know what is the taiwanese drama meteor garden is about.
cause meteor garden is very famous last time. but i didn't watch it
and now if i compare taiwan's and korea's.
KOREA WINS !! hahahaha cause the korea's F4 is much more better
there's also the japanese version. with arashi in it.
the story just keeps going on.

and because of drama i neglect studies !
and i am calon SPM yang masih tak sedar-sedar diri !

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The S.O.T

Thursday, February 19, 2009 0
a total boring day in school today !!
nothing to do. skipped basically everything
from the ceramah at the serbaguna till the end of school
early in the morning suddenly i was told that i was in saringan.
didn''t even inform me before that.
and summore it is 1500m !
hellowwww.... my stamina is not that good.
so i don't want to faint while running so decided to give other ppl run
so went to fadzelah and told her.
glad that she let me off this saringan.

last 2 years the same thing happen.
suppose to run 100m but that year maclay dunno what happen
all the names are mixed up
last 2 years i even actually wakil for long jump..* never good at it*
and i still remember
that after i ran 1500m. i actually in the condition of total blurness...not yet faint
i can actually go up the stairs and walk back to class
drank water i slept on the table.
the last thing i rmb is peisun talking talking
and when i wake up... i slept kindda long..
i dont remember anything till people tell me.
my mum suspect that i fainted on the table !! HAhaha

oh btw, today the S.o.t
for the first time ever go to tuition together
took a cab to jusco and ate mcD and sat LRT to martin
and we got to wait for SOMEONE who take freakking long time
wasted sooo much time
and we even witness kyan sitting LRT for the first time ever !
hahahaha and due to too much coke suki and kyan are sleepy in class
i don't understand. i tot coke make u feel more energised right?
im back from tuition and suki is still in martin

till then,
gotta head for next tuition centre near my house
i hate tuition
still have to go or i won't understand anything that i study
and for the sake of sports day
replace chem and phy today.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Wednesday, February 18, 2009 0
after 3 days of studying. NOT !!!
hahaha bye intervensi..NOT !!!
there're still more intervensi..... i don't even know what does intervensi really mean
to me the term "intervensi" is equals to exam that fail pun tak ape
even though our results are gonna be sent to the JPWP.

among all the subject.. i think today's bio would be the worst one for me.
cause i basically studied nothing for today's exam
i only studied sejarah form 5. physics light and wave. bio. nothing.

one thing good about intervensi. no homework.
and make me realize that i should start studying for SPM
it seems like even basic stuff i don't know how to do... hilang ingatan

oh ya.. one of the thing i did on monday night when flipping though chem
is fill in the blanks in the So what lyrics by Pink. so here it goes...

So What - Pink
Lyrics edited. Joo

So what!
I dont wanna study
I don't care bout it
And I don't need it
And guess what?
I'm gonna fail it
And now that we're done
I'm gonna show you
I'll go sleep
without studying
And I don't care....
So what!
If I don't study
I gonna fail soon
And I don't exam anymore.

and this is what i do during studying..
can't blame.... last minute study
which means information can't go into the brain.
but still.. i got to study
every kid gotta study
just that malaysia's education require more to the type of memorizing things
than understanding things
like what syed always say in physics class
he use to not understand a thing and just blindly memorize it
thats TRUE !

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chocolates !!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009 0

and also

today was a chocolate day for all
went tuition with a bar of chocolate ! haha
basically everyone ate chocolate
especially in Chem and bio class in tuition
chocolate is very tempting and also very fattening *oh gawd*
when i went our from tuition class today leaving
my cadbury bar of chocolate in class
went out to search for Kyan's GA
next time buy you one GA ok?

btw when came back into class
found out that my bar of chocolate
is being RAPED !!!
basically i ate it then i don't know who i gave it
but what i remember is
reaching back to class and looking at gaaya holding the bar like a kid !!
gaaya bought the round round cadbury from 7-E
ate too much that i actually feel a bit sick of chocolate
not to mention
later suk khuan got chipsmore in her bag !!
then everyone just pass it around and FINISH!
then in physics
kyan with her "mini" M&M
even force me to finish it cause she cannot bring it home
later kena marah pulakk.
so makan-ed more chocolate.

and i think i should actually start studying
i haven't read any revision book
boleh mati... just hope that i won't get last in class
thats all
no mood to study.. rather watch tv.
till then. have a nice valentine's day !

Monday, February 9, 2009

a blink..

Monday, February 9, 2009 0
in a blink...chinese new year is coming to an end !
it just seems like i just started celebrated it.
and its like in less than a week intervensi is here
and i didn't even touch a single reference book yet !
it is said that all form 4 syllabus is coming out.. drop DEAD !

ok lets talk about happy things
don't even wanna care about the exam yet
today is chap goh mei
just came back from grandparents house
since the "Lim" family now mostly do all the reunion gathering in the afternoon
instead of at night. because eating too much at night is no good
it saves money too cause if we eat too much in the afternoon then we would not be taking any dinner on that day.
and another thing
since its still CNY. after lunch we can go and play mahjong or cards till midnight.

for example.. yesterday
lunch at outside
somewhere near bukit tinggi and genting highlands
aunty call it "pun san"*in cantonese*
or direct translation : half mountain

went there to makan fish and a lot more food
and came back with not only fully filled stomach but a lot bags of vegetables and fruits
as if la we came back from cameron highlands !
next destination. back to grandparents house
and started mahjong
again i repeat... mahjong kills TIME !
was playing and playing then suddenly see the clock
WHAT its already 8 pm... i tot is around 6pm or something
then continue playing until around 10 pm
still not enough ! tempted to play blackjack
so join all the uncles and started playing

my uncle who is the person that suppose to be the man that is ready to give us extra moneyhh..
BUT ... his luck is extremely good yesterday
i, my sis and mom got like 21 !! which is freakkingly good
ready to collect money
but then my uncle turns out to have 5 cards or u call it "5 long"
direct translation : five dragon
not only 5 dragon but its nicely 21 !!!! not more not less
which means we gotta pay him triple !
it was fun

at the end he win loads of money
and luckily me sis and cousin
we receive RM10 back
cause the amount of RM 1 is too big stack that he can't fit it into his purse i think
then its already 11 pm
went out to eat .. search for mamak stall
but since its thaipusam most of them are closed.
went steven corner and its full of people
so instead we went to a shop near steven corner call ... bintang...can't recall it
the roti canai there is like.....not nice...nothing is actually nice

next destination
to my house to play firecrackers
played like mad
and there's one type that the kids play which is you must use ur leg to make friction on a small stick and then it will fires..
since we play on roadside so can't really make friction
after everything finished.
my uncle started scrubbing the road like as if he's dancing
and there's really firecrackers on the floor
and everyone started scrubbing the road
like a pile of humans dancing gorilla dance !!!
amazingly.. none of us can really find it but my uncle's shoes is like magic shoe !!

everyone head home after that and home sweet home.
it was a fun CNY this year
and i hope it'll be better next year !
more fun
my aunty sekalain actually plan to do lucky draw next year
by putting some of the angpau extra money
if you get it ur're lucky !!

may the year of "niu"
brings luck to everyone !!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Harry Potter and the half blood prince !

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 0
here's the third trailer released !
basically everyone's favourite except those who also enjoys twilight.

and the official teaser trailer

Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday !!!

Monday, February 2, 2009 0
i didn't even know that its already monday
and its the last day of holiday for Chinese New Year
Its already February !!!
isn't it too fast !

anyway i think this would be my last post on CNY for year 2009.(the year of ox)
got the biggest shock !
this is how the story goes

in the morning..
was playing mahjong with mum and dad
waiting till it strike 12 pm then we'll go to grandparents place
and everyone gather there to go out for lunch at a kindda far place.
but at 11.35 am
dad receive a call from aunt
saying my grandma won't wake up. called her loudly but can't wake up
what in our mind?
thinking all to the negative side
rushed out of house to grandpa's house
its very near my house reach there within 5 minutes
even scolded the guard for not letting us in to grandpa's house
the guard pun takut..and quickly let us in
sprint up the stairs

and found grandma just sitting there and sleeping..
shouted loudly but she still don't wake up.
then dad quickly carried grandma
its was a freakkingly tense atmosphere
brother sprint back down to get the car
then suddenly on the way out of the door
my sis found our grandma was awake and asking my grandma are you awake??
with a blur face like *whats happening??*
in less than a second everyone was relieve
my grandpa's maid even cried.

turned out she woke up and are so energized
even said hi to me and smile !!!
then my 5th aunt rush up and with a worry face
came up the stair and in the door
looking at us in a weird way as we were all with normal face and not worry at all
tell her what happen and she just sat on the chair relived
and even forgotten to take off her shoes ! hahahha

later plan to go lunch outside is cancelled..
and everyone just started gambling at grandparents house
from 1 pm till midnight everyone gamble..
even dinner was "ta pau" from outside
maybe because yesterday was the last day we can gamble
and got to wait till next weekend before we can gamble..
and after chap goh mei no more gambling
only when there's a family gathering.

till then
will see everyone back to school
and sports day is coming !!!
this year our sports day is soo early !

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