Monday, February 9, 2009

a blink..

Monday, February 9, 2009
in a blink...chinese new year is coming to an end !
it just seems like i just started celebrated it.
and its like in less than a week intervensi is here
and i didn't even touch a single reference book yet !
it is said that all form 4 syllabus is coming out.. drop DEAD !

ok lets talk about happy things
don't even wanna care about the exam yet
today is chap goh mei
just came back from grandparents house
since the "Lim" family now mostly do all the reunion gathering in the afternoon
instead of at night. because eating too much at night is no good
it saves money too cause if we eat too much in the afternoon then we would not be taking any dinner on that day.
and another thing
since its still CNY. after lunch we can go and play mahjong or cards till midnight.

for example.. yesterday
lunch at outside
somewhere near bukit tinggi and genting highlands
aunty call it "pun san"*in cantonese*
or direct translation : half mountain

went there to makan fish and a lot more food
and came back with not only fully filled stomach but a lot bags of vegetables and fruits
as if la we came back from cameron highlands !
next destination. back to grandparents house
and started mahjong
again i repeat... mahjong kills TIME !
was playing and playing then suddenly see the clock
WHAT its already 8 pm... i tot is around 6pm or something
then continue playing until around 10 pm
still not enough ! tempted to play blackjack
so join all the uncles and started playing

my uncle who is the person that suppose to be the man that is ready to give us extra moneyhh..
BUT ... his luck is extremely good yesterday
i, my sis and mom got like 21 !! which is freakkingly good
ready to collect money
but then my uncle turns out to have 5 cards or u call it "5 long"
direct translation : five dragon
not only 5 dragon but its nicely 21 !!!! not more not less
which means we gotta pay him triple !
it was fun

at the end he win loads of money
and luckily me sis and cousin
we receive RM10 back
cause the amount of RM 1 is too big stack that he can't fit it into his purse i think
then its already 11 pm
went out to eat .. search for mamak stall
but since its thaipusam most of them are closed.
went steven corner and its full of people
so instead we went to a shop near steven corner call ... bintang...can't recall it
the roti canai there is like.....not nice...nothing is actually nice

next destination
to my house to play firecrackers
played like mad
and there's one type that the kids play which is you must use ur leg to make friction on a small stick and then it will fires..
since we play on roadside so can't really make friction
after everything finished.
my uncle started scrubbing the road like as if he's dancing
and there's really firecrackers on the floor
and everyone started scrubbing the road
like a pile of humans dancing gorilla dance !!!
amazingly.. none of us can really find it but my uncle's shoes is like magic shoe !!

everyone head home after that and home sweet home.
it was a fun CNY this year
and i hope it'll be better next year !
more fun
my aunty sekalain actually plan to do lucky draw next year
by putting some of the angpau extra money
if you get it ur're lucky !!

may the year of "niu"
brings luck to everyone !!!


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