Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Wednesday, February 18, 2009
after 3 days of studying. NOT !!!
hahaha bye intervensi..NOT !!!
there're still more intervensi..... i don't even know what does intervensi really mean
to me the term "intervensi" is equals to exam that fail pun tak ape
even though our results are gonna be sent to the JPWP.

among all the subject.. i think today's bio would be the worst one for me.
cause i basically studied nothing for today's exam
i only studied sejarah form 5. physics light and wave. bio. nothing.

one thing good about intervensi. no homework.
and make me realize that i should start studying for SPM
it seems like even basic stuff i don't know how to do... hilang ingatan

oh ya.. one of the thing i did on monday night when flipping though chem
is fill in the blanks in the So what lyrics by Pink. so here it goes...

So What - Pink
Lyrics edited. Joo

So what!
I dont wanna study
I don't care bout it
And I don't need it
And guess what?
I'm gonna fail it
And now that we're done
I'm gonna show you
I'll go sleep
without studying
And I don't care....
So what!
If I don't study
I gonna fail soon
And I don't exam anymore.

and this is what i do during studying..
can't blame.... last minute study
which means information can't go into the brain.
but still.. i got to study
every kid gotta study
just that malaysia's education require more to the type of memorizing things
than understanding things
like what syed always say in physics class
he use to not understand a thing and just blindly memorize it
thats TRUE !


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