Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chocolates !!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

and also

today was a chocolate day for all
went tuition with a bar of chocolate ! haha
basically everyone ate chocolate
especially in Chem and bio class in tuition
chocolate is very tempting and also very fattening *oh gawd*
when i went our from tuition class today leaving
my cadbury bar of chocolate in class
went out to search for Kyan's GA
next time buy you one GA ok?

btw when came back into class
found out that my bar of chocolate
is being RAPED !!!
basically i ate it then i don't know who i gave it
but what i remember is
reaching back to class and looking at gaaya holding the bar like a kid !!
gaaya bought the round round cadbury from 7-E
ate too much that i actually feel a bit sick of chocolate
not to mention
later suk khuan got chipsmore in her bag !!
then everyone just pass it around and FINISH!
then in physics
kyan with her "mini" M&M
even force me to finish it cause she cannot bring it home
later kena marah pulakk.
so makan-ed more chocolate.

and i think i should actually start studying
i haven't read any revision book
boleh mati... just hope that i won't get last in class
thats all
no mood to study.. rather watch tv.
till then. have a nice valentine's day !


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