Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Wednesday, February 25, 2009
i dont know what to blog about these days.
sports day?
congrats to Green house for being the champion !!
maclay. not bad we got 2nd !!! cheered like nobody's business during sports day
i can say being senior on sports day is great !!!
rather than just sitting in the tent.

oh yes.
i've got another thing to blog !
Rain Jung
hahaha saw him on star newspaper
and watched him on discovery channel yesterday !
wanna watch ? go search on youtube by typing "hip korea discovery"
it was definally a nice documentary about rain
and its the first time ever all the fans watch discovery
no matter which country are you in.

btw, im addicted to this particular drama now.
boys over flower
and as you all know, im not a fan of anime or manga
so when my sis was all hyper about hana yori dango
i don''t even bother to know what its about
and now after KBS world started airing it.
got totally addicted cause its been long since i do a drama marathon
but i shouldn't start watching this drama so early
cause this drama only air in korea for like 2 episode a week
and now still not yet air finish
only until episode 16.
total episodes are 24/26
means there around 1 more month till i can actually finish the drama !
now i know what is the taiwanese drama meteor garden is about.
cause meteor garden is very famous last time. but i didn't watch it
and now if i compare taiwan's and korea's.
KOREA WINS !! hahahaha cause the korea's F4 is much more better
there's also the japanese version. with arashi in it.
the story just keeps going on.

and because of drama i neglect studies !
and i am calon SPM yang masih tak sedar-sedar diri !


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