Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday !!!

Monday, February 2, 2009
i didn't even know that its already monday
and its the last day of holiday for Chinese New Year
Its already February !!!
isn't it too fast !

anyway i think this would be my last post on CNY for year 2009.(the year of ox)
got the biggest shock !
this is how the story goes

in the morning..
was playing mahjong with mum and dad
waiting till it strike 12 pm then we'll go to grandparents place
and everyone gather there to go out for lunch at a kindda far place.
but at 11.35 am
dad receive a call from aunt
saying my grandma won't wake up. called her loudly but can't wake up
what in our mind?
thinking all to the negative side
rushed out of house to grandpa's house
its very near my house reach there within 5 minutes
even scolded the guard for not letting us in to grandpa's house
the guard pun takut..and quickly let us in
sprint up the stairs

and found grandma just sitting there and sleeping..
shouted loudly but she still don't wake up.
then dad quickly carried grandma
its was a freakkingly tense atmosphere
brother sprint back down to get the car
then suddenly on the way out of the door
my sis found our grandma was awake and asking my grandma are you awake??
with a blur face like *whats happening??*
in less than a second everyone was relieve
my grandpa's maid even cried.

turned out she woke up and are so energized
even said hi to me and smile !!!
then my 5th aunt rush up and with a worry face
came up the stair and in the door
looking at us in a weird way as we were all with normal face and not worry at all
tell her what happen and she just sat on the chair relived
and even forgotten to take off her shoes ! hahahha

later plan to go lunch outside is cancelled..
and everyone just started gambling at grandparents house
from 1 pm till midnight everyone gamble..
even dinner was "ta pau" from outside
maybe because yesterday was the last day we can gamble
and got to wait till next weekend before we can gamble..
and after chap goh mei no more gambling
only when there's a family gathering.

till then
will see everyone back to school
and sports day is coming !!!
this year our sports day is soo early !



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