Thursday, February 19, 2009

The S.O.T

Thursday, February 19, 2009
a total boring day in school today !!
nothing to do. skipped basically everything
from the ceramah at the serbaguna till the end of school
early in the morning suddenly i was told that i was in saringan.
didn''t even inform me before that.
and summore it is 1500m !
hellowwww.... my stamina is not that good.
so i don't want to faint while running so decided to give other ppl run
so went to fadzelah and told her.
glad that she let me off this saringan.

last 2 years the same thing happen.
suppose to run 100m but that year maclay dunno what happen
all the names are mixed up
last 2 years i even actually wakil for long jump..* never good at it*
and i still remember
that after i ran 1500m. i actually in the condition of total blurness...not yet faint
i can actually go up the stairs and walk back to class
drank water i slept on the table.
the last thing i rmb is peisun talking talking
and when i wake up... i slept kindda long..
i dont remember anything till people tell me.
my mum suspect that i fainted on the table !! HAhaha

oh btw, today the S.o.t
for the first time ever go to tuition together
took a cab to jusco and ate mcD and sat LRT to martin
and we got to wait for SOMEONE who take freakking long time
wasted sooo much time
and we even witness kyan sitting LRT for the first time ever !
hahahaha and due to too much coke suki and kyan are sleepy in class
i don't understand. i tot coke make u feel more energised right?
im back from tuition and suki is still in martin

till then,
gotta head for next tuition centre near my house
i hate tuition
still have to go or i won't understand anything that i study
and for the sake of sports day
replace chem and phy today.


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