Friday, March 27, 2009


Friday, March 27, 2009 0
just finish watching bedtime stories
its a nice movie after all
adam is seriously a good comedian to me
its been long since i watch any movie
and my bro downloaded like almost 30-40 movies
and i think i only watch 10% of it
haha and i didn't finish benjamin button cause its quite long
if i have time i'll watch it again.

its been long since i ever been to the cinema to watch movie
why? cause i'm not a fan of going out daily
i rather stay home and do what i want
thats why gaaya and pei sun always complain
and i hate hate hate tuition on saturday !!!
attending martin on january till now.
i like to go tuition but sometimes its a bit tiring
cause i always sleep late especially on Friday
so the next morning must wake up early around 8 am.

btw, tommorow will be the 60 Earth hour
hope everyone support the event
switch off the lights
save earth against global warming
loads of shopping malls, organisation are supporting this event
so work together and save planet Earth

and for the first time ever i'm actually interested to watch the news
cause in that half an hour news
there're soo many cases
like the aeroplane crashed, flood, ice melting in somewhere and etc.
news are good !!! hHAhaha

till then. tata

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Thursday, March 26, 2009 0
today was a nice day in school
the 5 Gamma's have a great day in Physics class
again thx Pn. Hasliza !!
she's the best class teacher i ever had
since last year the 4 Gamma-ians have a class teacher that don't even care to interact with us
made my day

but i come to realise
that there are more problems occurring
an advise to all
enjoy senior year and made it a good memory forever
once its over it will be history
can't change history so make the next day a better day for yourself


*a pic to peisun to make u happier though this picture not so hot*

Monday, March 23, 2009

school's starts.

Monday, March 23, 2009 0
monthly holiday break i over
its only 7 days and i don't think its enough !!!
and soon SPM is getting near.
exams are all getting near
but i still dreaming and not studying.
i need to hold a revision book to read. !!!
no. i can hold it but ends up sleeping ZzzZz
i'm still S.O.T- ing with kyan

with really weird imagination of ours
it all started when kyan was clipping her nails.
and i was like your DNA is all over on the floor
if there's a murder case happen then you'll be the first to be suspected.

and we started all the s.o.t-ing
kyan = murderer
joo = stalker ( why? )
suki = kidnapper/rapist (we actually ask her what she want)
and she said kidnapper. but i prefer rapist for her ! hahhaha

and and instead of books that will help us score A
suki bought a book about "pooh"
I need help from someone who would be kind enough to force me to study
or give me stress (positive) to actually make me study !

SPM results for year 2008 merosot.
so what will be the SPM results for 2009?
don't want to regret? GO STUDY !!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

tuesday !!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 1
1 week holiday is not ENOUGH laa..
i did nothing but
can go insane soon. CALON SPM macam ini rupanyer..
i think i need good stress for now. to actually make my butt sit on the study table
and ACTUALLY OPEN A BOOK TO STUDY. not daydreaming.. haha

so an update here about rain recently.
rain went to hawaii as he got sued by the organisers there over is cancelled 2007 concerts.
the court ended but no one knows the results yet.
but this is how rain looks like before he entered the court

"Aloha to all my fans. *flashes a Hawaiian “shaka” sign*

Fans there in Hawaii are soo hyper that the Honolulu airport is full of fans on his arrival.
some said the courtroom are filled with fans, all female, ranging from grandmothers to teenagers
it must be fun for the lawyers,jury and the judge !!
he actually cause quite a stirr in hawaii.

hello HAWAII ! alohaa

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Sunday, March 15, 2009 0
for some reasons i think eating food that you shouldn't eat when you're sick
actually makes you get better
i tried it a few times except peanut butter !
as most of you know my throat is still in no good condition on saturday.
during tuition even physics class syed i sick !! BUAKAKAKA good.

so today went to hulu langat there and eat thai food
its a place where it looks like as if its in the jungle
cause the entrance is weird btw
going through a lorong of roads till you reach the place
went there before few months ago. where it is dark
and now go there again and its renovated...nice...
no pictures. cause din bring phone or camera

and i ate tomyam *a total nono for cough*
fish which is spicy.
then the bakar fish.
bakar kambing's meat
errr... don't remember but mostly food that i shouldn't intake.
then just now drank ice blended..booyahh
and now i can speak properly !!!
not like the soo called sexy voice i had before.yay

tommorow will spend lots of time in hospital.
to teman my grandma which is very bored in there
hope she get well soon.
though she started dialysis but it is said that it is not the serious type yet

and guess what i actually watched a football match
as in sitting still there watching !! without doing anything else.
of course cause its MU(1) and liverpool(4)
im not a fan of any. but sis is a liverpool fan
usually i watch football i'll just watch... then... to the computer...
and when any team score i'll just shout goal. HAhaha
can't blame.. not a fan but still watch

oh well its holiday !!! will miss ya all/

toodles. joo

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy White Day !!

Saturday, March 14, 2009 0
today's WHITE Day (14th March) in japanese is called Howaito dē
its a month after valentine's day/ single awareness day (14th Feb)
as i know white day is a day where guys gives presents to the girls
usually men who received chocolates on Valentine's day are expected to return the favour by giving gifts to the women
White day is actually originated from Japan
but people in Taiwan and south korea also celebrate it.
how about malaysians?

south korea have a lot of informal festivals or day
such as the one i mentioned before pepero *which is a brand of choco stick*
its like the rocky sold in malaysia.but pepero is much better !! *price also more expensive*
in south korea
other than valentines. white day
there also BLACK DAY on 14th April.
it is a informal tradition for single people
single people will get together and eat Jajangmyeon (noodles with black bean sauce),
for those who watch korean drama you'll know what is that. especially those who watched Goong S
sometimes a white sauce is mixed for those who did not celebrate White Day

**Jajangmyeon is like what we normally eat like fish ball noodle (dry one without the soup)
or the Hokkien mee.

happy holidays.

soo many homeworks !!!
even if i finished most of them. but there's still EST
got to wait for Pn.Azah to send it to us after she come back from China.
and the maths homework on Pn.Zuraimah's blog
teacher these days are all getting high tech huh? haha
what to do on holiday? konon-nyer study
but i don't think i will do any. as i'll just keep staring at screens
the comp and tv.

and till now...
im still having cough. flu.
i don't know why it wouldn't cure.
drank soo many types of herbal tea
till i don't even know whats that sometimes
can't smell properly
and can't speak properly either
want to shout or go at a higher pitch also cannot.
all thanks to people who put up hot & cold song once me and gaaya came back after taking the food

btw, there's videos up on peisun blog. * see peisun i promote ur blog*
ever seen giler ppl singing circus?
ever seen jordon dance?
go view it !!!

so happy holidays everyone.
and 9 hours later got tuition at martin
aih.. this is why last time i don't really take any tuition class
and its on saturday
last year my saturday is filled with me watching the tv
now? tuition. 9.30 am till 3.15 pm !! INSANE
but time flies
its like a while BM,then chem
then bio which can meet a lot SBU'ians
then physics. see the sot kyan again !
till the end..some ppl like suk khuan can actually take almost 9 subjects arh?
can't blame. suk khuan loves tuition

im craving for food now.
food as in chocolates, fried stuff, fried chicken and etc.
i've been eating like 3 days of chee cheong fan in school !!!!
i want pepero sticks !!!
*Rain giving our enormous pepero stick on Pepero Day(11 November)*
**Pepero Day: (빼빼로 데이) An informal holiday on November 11 (11.11) where peppero chocolate sticks are given out as presents.
**If you go Korea on 11 November you'll see a lot pepero sticks given out. Even if u purchase something in Korea, they might give you a box of pepero !

Monday, March 9, 2009

cough cough

Monday, March 9, 2009 0
i'm too lazy to blog about the party
cause im too tired.
wanna know detail about the party?
go peisun's blog or kyan's blog

help !!!! due to the singing aka shouting once i reach red box plus
everyone was soo hungry that once we reach there we started grabbing food.
the food is erm ... ... ... no words to describe ...
then me and gaaya started heading back to the room
and the hot & cold song is there
main put the food down and started singing.
how can i torture my throat like that !
after i few songs started getting tired and pass the mic around.
not singing already after that
britney spears circus and womanizer was the funniest one ever !! haha

worst of all i sang 4 languages of b'day song
hyper giler..
started doing yum seng *with coke btw*
and gaaya started punching ppl with birthday cake !! EWWW
i tot we are suppose to do that to the b'day girl but NOPE
everyone kena
and started going to the toilet in the room
dahlah the cake is chocolate !!!
now my face got one pimple coming out.

then walked to lot 10 then to sungai wang .
then after long long walking at sungai wang
just to search for something.
everyone started heading home.
jeanyinn walked back to pavillion.
suki,moky,joey went to times square
left me,peisun,nikhi,haziq and kyan
everyone start leaving so me and peisun
walked to times square to wait for her mom
reach home with a voice which ppl can't understand what im talking.
dead. sore throat got really worse since saturday
see ya all in school tomorrow ya !
and here i end it with a picture grabbed from peisun.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

it swings

Sunday, March 8, 2009 0
a news came by
and i was in a big big shock.the type of wth-ing
this thing come and goes
and the next second i got a HAPPY NEWS
as if its the happiest thing i heard in my life !!!
so stop giving me any surprises and things like that
can die faster due to heart attack?kill too many brain cells?


it was a fun day at martin yesterday
with all the hype about soo called prank.
first up.
kyan. she sms-ed me and said she's not coming to tuition tommorow
which i only read the message at like...11.45pm
can't reply her to ask why cause phone no moneyh + expired
so the next morning. heading to tuition sms her asking whether she's coming or x
and she was like yes..i come for you *oh really?*
then i send her back that im not coming at like 9.20am.
9.30 is when tuition start. hAHhaa
in less than 2 minutes i receive a call with kyan's panic voice !!!
Kakakkaka JOO U COMING OR X !! hahaa
i should have told her im not coming. haha

then after BM class was outside waiting to go up for chem
saw wai sin and we basically sang a birthday song for her *and she's wearing pink*
saw Gaaya and told he i can't go for her birthday party.
she was like...WHATTTTTTT ! *with the gaaya expression*
telling her i can't attend cause got family gathering and bla.
she just walk off with the angry expression on her face.
that was funny
then comes BIO
with all the hype taking places for basically all the SBU-ians who's going for saturday's bio class
saw gaaya with the emo face we both went down where gaaya tak boleh tahan her pee
that she start knocking the door calling me to come out !!
u know how it looks like when a person is rushing to do her small business in the toilet

and again i should not tell gaaya that im coming at the end of bio class
so that she'll continue emo-ing and thinking about whether im coming or x
lucky a kind girl who then told her im coming making her hit me in class for no reason
u can see her FACE CHANGE.. like wearing a mask . scary...
good for her that my family gathering is today.
or not i really can't attend her party

went hulu langat and the car journey is just tiring.
so im tired now but still blogging
PLUS sore throut and almost flu * BECAUSE OF KYAN*
thank goodness i cure the flu or not i'll be spreading virus
dahlah tomoro gor red box plus.
how to sing arh? and gaaya the coming b'day girl is asking me to embaressed myself with her by singing hot & cold.
my life is DOOMED !!
see ya all then tommorow. remember don't be late !!!
cause we'll just start the party.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

its already march

Tuesday, March 3, 2009 0
time flies. its just too fast.
Form 4 just end like that.
and now Form 5?!?!
how many weeks more to SPM ?
i don't seem to bother at all !!!
WAKE UP and study?
what i do is reach home after school around 4 something.
and start sleeping till dinner at 7pm
and one thing. INTERNET IS A KILLER. i couldn't study because of it
blame myself !! hahaaa
anyway i've got nothing to blog about.

so why not see Rain which peisun say is hotter than the guys in boys over flower !!
think again. its been almost 3-4 years since i started searching for rain's news
and i repeat !! *moky you don't look like rain"
here a few pictures of rain modeling for his own clothing brand "six to five""6 to 5"
under his very own company J.Tune Entertainment
btw, he's the CEO,designer,producer,model and basically everything for this clothing brand
dahlah economy crisis. still can open a new clothing brand. $$$

lastly, boys over flowers another episode TOMORROW !! yay since the actress got into car accident so they delayed yesterday's episode
and still
i need to find a way to cure this temptation of mine. lol
put virus to my own computer? NO !!!
bro will kill me as he is the one gonna fix it later !! haha
whoever created computers,internet,games,web and etc.
they are genius. we should take them as an example
as it need hard work for something to be successful.
*sorry for being too random*
this is what the S.O.T do ! hahaahaha

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Sunday, March 1, 2009 0
i think i never posted anything with a title kpop
in case u didn't know. im a kpop fan. following the k-wave
but i do hear english and chinese songs
k-wave all started with Rain.*moky: YOU DONT LOOK like rain ok? you're much hotter !! *
and as i said i'm currently addicted to boys over flower *the 4 hot guys !! ahahha*

look at them hawt like heaven !!! Hahaha

btw, look at these pictures and see you can recognize who is this tripping on the floor at 45th Baeksang Arts Awards red carpet.

*oh no !! i'm falling !!! *

*thx for this award,its worth it after the big trip at the red carpet*

know who is he now?
if you still dont know then look clearly who's he.

there you go, Lee min-ho, the guy whose hair is curly/permed in the drama
and this is specially for those who like the leader of korean version f4.
ahHAha an embarrassing news about him recently! haha
there's a video for his fall too !! !

and specially to Mei Yin. told ya he's MUCH HOTTER with un-perm-ed hair !
btw, he won best new actor award that night. congrats
Kim Bum was also one of the candidate for best new actor award.
next up is most popular (male) award. goes to...Kim Hyun Joong. yay !

*Kim Hyun-joong (from SS501) and Yoon-ah (from girls generation)*
*both won popularity award*

lastly, a picture of them four.
and this week boys over flower will only air 1 episode * NOOOO*
cause the Female lead Goo Hye Sun of boys over flower
involved in a car accident this past Friday morning and developed visible facial injuries after treatment
which cause her to miss filming
Kim Hyun Joong had also visited Goo Hye Sun in the hospital shortly after the conclusion of the 45th Baeksang Awards ceremony
while Lee min-ho went back to filming after the award ceromony.

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