Monday, March 9, 2009

cough cough

Monday, March 9, 2009
i'm too lazy to blog about the party
cause im too tired.
wanna know detail about the party?
go peisun's blog or kyan's blog

help !!!! due to the singing aka shouting once i reach red box plus
everyone was soo hungry that once we reach there we started grabbing food.
the food is erm ... ... ... no words to describe ...
then me and gaaya started heading back to the room
and the hot & cold song is there
main put the food down and started singing.
how can i torture my throat like that !
after i few songs started getting tired and pass the mic around.
not singing already after that
britney spears circus and womanizer was the funniest one ever !! haha

worst of all i sang 4 languages of b'day song
hyper giler..
started doing yum seng *with coke btw*
and gaaya started punching ppl with birthday cake !! EWWW
i tot we are suppose to do that to the b'day girl but NOPE
everyone kena
and started going to the toilet in the room
dahlah the cake is chocolate !!!
now my face got one pimple coming out.

then walked to lot 10 then to sungai wang .
then after long long walking at sungai wang
just to search for something.
everyone started heading home.
jeanyinn walked back to pavillion.
suki,moky,joey went to times square
left me,peisun,nikhi,haziq and kyan
everyone start leaving so me and peisun
walked to times square to wait for her mom
reach home with a voice which ppl can't understand what im talking.
dead. sore throat got really worse since saturday
see ya all in school tomorrow ya !
and here i end it with a picture grabbed from peisun.


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