Sunday, March 15, 2009


Sunday, March 15, 2009
for some reasons i think eating food that you shouldn't eat when you're sick
actually makes you get better
i tried it a few times except peanut butter !
as most of you know my throat is still in no good condition on saturday.
during tuition even physics class syed i sick !! BUAKAKAKA good.

so today went to hulu langat there and eat thai food
its a place where it looks like as if its in the jungle
cause the entrance is weird btw
going through a lorong of roads till you reach the place
went there before few months ago. where it is dark
and now go there again and its renovated...nice...
no pictures. cause din bring phone or camera

and i ate tomyam *a total nono for cough*
fish which is spicy.
then the bakar fish.
bakar kambing's meat
errr... don't remember but mostly food that i shouldn't intake.
then just now drank ice blended..booyahh
and now i can speak properly !!!
not like the soo called sexy voice i had before.yay

tommorow will spend lots of time in hospital.
to teman my grandma which is very bored in there
hope she get well soon.
though she started dialysis but it is said that it is not the serious type yet

and guess what i actually watched a football match
as in sitting still there watching !! without doing anything else.
of course cause its MU(1) and liverpool(4)
im not a fan of any. but sis is a liverpool fan
usually i watch football i'll just watch... then... to the computer...
and when any team score i'll just shout goal. HAhaha
can't blame.. not a fan but still watch

oh well its holiday !!! will miss ya all/

toodles. joo


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