Saturday, March 14, 2009

happy holidays.

Saturday, March 14, 2009
soo many homeworks !!!
even if i finished most of them. but there's still EST
got to wait for Pn.Azah to send it to us after she come back from China.
and the maths homework on Pn.Zuraimah's blog
teacher these days are all getting high tech huh? haha
what to do on holiday? konon-nyer study
but i don't think i will do any. as i'll just keep staring at screens
the comp and tv.

and till now...
im still having cough. flu.
i don't know why it wouldn't cure.
drank soo many types of herbal tea
till i don't even know whats that sometimes
can't smell properly
and can't speak properly either
want to shout or go at a higher pitch also cannot.
all thanks to people who put up hot & cold song once me and gaaya came back after taking the food

btw, there's videos up on peisun blog. * see peisun i promote ur blog*
ever seen giler ppl singing circus?
ever seen jordon dance?
go view it !!!

so happy holidays everyone.
and 9 hours later got tuition at martin
aih.. this is why last time i don't really take any tuition class
and its on saturday
last year my saturday is filled with me watching the tv
now? tuition. 9.30 am till 3.15 pm !! INSANE
but time flies
its like a while BM,then chem
then bio which can meet a lot SBU'ians
then physics. see the sot kyan again !
till the end..some ppl like suk khuan can actually take almost 9 subjects arh?
can't blame. suk khuan loves tuition

im craving for food now.
food as in chocolates, fried stuff, fried chicken and etc.
i've been eating like 3 days of chee cheong fan in school !!!!
i want pepero sticks !!!
*Rain giving our enormous pepero stick on Pepero Day(11 November)*
**Pepero Day: (빼빼로 데이) An informal holiday on November 11 (11.11) where peppero chocolate sticks are given out as presents.
**If you go Korea on 11 November you'll see a lot pepero sticks given out. Even if u purchase something in Korea, they might give you a box of pepero !


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