Tuesday, March 3, 2009

its already march

Tuesday, March 3, 2009
time flies. its just too fast.
Form 4 just end like that.
and now Form 5?!?!
how many weeks more to SPM ?
i don't seem to bother at all !!!
WAKE UP and study?
what i do is reach home after school around 4 something.
and start sleeping till dinner at 7pm
and one thing. INTERNET IS A KILLER. i couldn't study because of it
blame myself !! hahaaa
anyway i've got nothing to blog about.

so why not see Rain which peisun say is hotter than the guys in boys over flower !!
think again. its been almost 3-4 years since i started searching for rain's news
and i repeat !! *moky you don't look like rain"
here a few pictures of rain modeling for his own clothing brand "six to five""6 to 5"
under his very own company J.Tune Entertainment
btw, he's the CEO,designer,producer,model and basically everything for this clothing brand
dahlah economy crisis. still can open a new clothing brand. $$$

lastly, boys over flowers another episode TOMORROW !! yay since the actress got into car accident so they delayed yesterday's episode
and still
i need to find a way to cure this temptation of mine. lol
put virus to my own computer? NO !!!
bro will kill me as he is the one gonna fix it later !! haha
whoever created computers,internet,games,web and etc.
they are genius. we should take them as an example
as it need hard work for something to be successful.
*sorry for being too random*
this is what the S.O.T do ! hahaahaha


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