Sunday, March 1, 2009


Sunday, March 1, 2009
i think i never posted anything with a title kpop
in case u didn't know. im a kpop fan. following the k-wave
but i do hear english and chinese songs
k-wave all started with Rain.*moky: YOU DONT LOOK like rain ok? you're much hotter !! *
and as i said i'm currently addicted to boys over flower *the 4 hot guys !! ahahha*

look at them hawt like heaven !!! Hahaha

btw, look at these pictures and see you can recognize who is this tripping on the floor at 45th Baeksang Arts Awards red carpet.

*oh no !! i'm falling !!! *

*thx for this award,its worth it after the big trip at the red carpet*

know who is he now?
if you still dont know then look clearly who's he.

there you go, Lee min-ho, the guy whose hair is curly/permed in the drama
and this is specially for those who like the leader of korean version f4.
ahHAha an embarrassing news about him recently! haha
there's a video for his fall too !! !

and specially to Mei Yin. told ya he's MUCH HOTTER with un-perm-ed hair !
btw, he won best new actor award that night. congrats
Kim Bum was also one of the candidate for best new actor award.
next up is most popular (male) award. goes to...Kim Hyun Joong. yay !

*Kim Hyun-joong (from SS501) and Yoon-ah (from girls generation)*
*both won popularity award*

lastly, a picture of them four.
and this week boys over flower will only air 1 episode * NOOOO*
cause the Female lead Goo Hye Sun of boys over flower
involved in a car accident this past Friday morning and developed visible facial injuries after treatment
which cause her to miss filming
Kim Hyun Joong had also visited Goo Hye Sun in the hospital shortly after the conclusion of the 45th Baeksang Awards ceremony
while Lee min-ho went back to filming after the award ceromony.


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