Friday, March 27, 2009


Friday, March 27, 2009
just finish watching bedtime stories
its a nice movie after all
adam is seriously a good comedian to me
its been long since i watch any movie
and my bro downloaded like almost 30-40 movies
and i think i only watch 10% of it
haha and i didn't finish benjamin button cause its quite long
if i have time i'll watch it again.

its been long since i ever been to the cinema to watch movie
why? cause i'm not a fan of going out daily
i rather stay home and do what i want
thats why gaaya and pei sun always complain
and i hate hate hate tuition on saturday !!!
attending martin on january till now.
i like to go tuition but sometimes its a bit tiring
cause i always sleep late especially on Friday
so the next morning must wake up early around 8 am.

btw, tommorow will be the 60 Earth hour
hope everyone support the event
switch off the lights
save earth against global warming
loads of shopping malls, organisation are supporting this event
so work together and save planet Earth

and for the first time ever i'm actually interested to watch the news
cause in that half an hour news
there're soo many cases
like the aeroplane crashed, flood, ice melting in somewhere and etc.
news are good !!! hHAhaha

till then. tata


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