Sunday, March 8, 2009


Sunday, March 8, 2009
it was a fun day at martin yesterday
with all the hype about soo called prank.
first up.
kyan. she sms-ed me and said she's not coming to tuition tommorow
which i only read the message at like...11.45pm
can't reply her to ask why cause phone no moneyh + expired
so the next morning. heading to tuition sms her asking whether she's coming or x
and she was like yes..i come for you *oh really?*
then i send her back that im not coming at like 9.20am.
9.30 is when tuition start. hAHhaa
in less than 2 minutes i receive a call with kyan's panic voice !!!
Kakakkaka JOO U COMING OR X !! hahaa
i should have told her im not coming. haha

then after BM class was outside waiting to go up for chem
saw wai sin and we basically sang a birthday song for her *and she's wearing pink*
saw Gaaya and told he i can't go for her birthday party.
she was like...WHATTTTTTT ! *with the gaaya expression*
telling her i can't attend cause got family gathering and bla.
she just walk off with the angry expression on her face.
that was funny
then comes BIO
with all the hype taking places for basically all the SBU-ians who's going for saturday's bio class
saw gaaya with the emo face we both went down where gaaya tak boleh tahan her pee
that she start knocking the door calling me to come out !!
u know how it looks like when a person is rushing to do her small business in the toilet

and again i should not tell gaaya that im coming at the end of bio class
so that she'll continue emo-ing and thinking about whether im coming or x
lucky a kind girl who then told her im coming making her hit me in class for no reason
u can see her FACE CHANGE.. like wearing a mask . scary...
good for her that my family gathering is today.
or not i really can't attend her party

went hulu langat and the car journey is just tiring.
so im tired now but still blogging
PLUS sore throut and almost flu * BECAUSE OF KYAN*
thank goodness i cure the flu or not i'll be spreading virus
dahlah tomoro gor red box plus.
how to sing arh? and gaaya the coming b'day girl is asking me to embaressed myself with her by singing hot & cold.
my life is DOOMED !!
see ya all then tommorow. remember don't be late !!!
cause we'll just start the party.


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