Monday, March 23, 2009

school's starts.

Monday, March 23, 2009
monthly holiday break i over
its only 7 days and i don't think its enough !!!
and soon SPM is getting near.
exams are all getting near
but i still dreaming and not studying.
i need to hold a revision book to read. !!!
no. i can hold it but ends up sleeping ZzzZz
i'm still S.O.T- ing with kyan

with really weird imagination of ours
it all started when kyan was clipping her nails.
and i was like your DNA is all over on the floor
if there's a murder case happen then you'll be the first to be suspected.

and we started all the s.o.t-ing
kyan = murderer
joo = stalker ( why? )
suki = kidnapper/rapist (we actually ask her what she want)
and she said kidnapper. but i prefer rapist for her ! hahhaha

and and instead of books that will help us score A
suki bought a book about "pooh"
I need help from someone who would be kind enough to force me to study
or give me stress (positive) to actually make me study !

SPM results for year 2008 merosot.
so what will be the SPM results for 2009?
don't want to regret? GO STUDY !!!


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