Tuesday, March 17, 2009

tuesday !!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009
1 week holiday is not ENOUGH laa..
i did nothing but eat.watch.sleep.watch.eat.sleep
can go insane soon. CALON SPM macam ini rupanyer..
i think i need good stress for now. to actually make my butt sit on the study table
and ACTUALLY OPEN A BOOK TO STUDY. not daydreaming.. haha

so an update here about rain recently.
rain went to hawaii as he got sued by the organisers there over is cancelled 2007 concerts.
the court ended but no one knows the results yet.
but this is how rain looks like before he entered the court

"Aloha to all my fans. *flashes a Hawaiian “shaka” sign*

Fans there in Hawaii are soo hyper that the Honolulu airport is full of fans on his arrival.
some said the courtroom are filled with fans, all female, ranging from grandmothers to teenagers
it must be fun for the lawyers,jury and the judge !!
he actually cause quite a stirr in hawaii.

hello HAWAII ! alohaa



Do you know what brand of glasses he's wearing?
(email me at master76762000@yahoo.com)

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