Thursday, April 30, 2009

p o n t e n g

Thursday, April 30, 2009 0
din go school and im wondering what is happening in school
didn't want to go to school cause yesterday was soo boring !!!
at least the day ends with laughter.
as me and gaaya started searching for book filled with picture in the library
so that we can open the book and start criticizing
and also the newspaper !!!
there's one case where a father forces his daughter to cut her mother
something like that.
there are more and more scary cases around the world

tommorow is public holiday = no school
booyah. can sleep late. but all these also marks the nearer the diagnostic exam
its like we just finish intervensi and now diagnostic !!! too fast
they shouldn't create soo many exams la.
its not like they can finish the syllabus
they finish it by just doing the 'touch n go' tactic
i need to be more cautious about this exam
im not really into studying anything now
just want to lie down and do nothing!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

e m p t y

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 0
no idea what to put for the title.
school today was ok.
was doing history notes the whole morning.
write and write and write. at least i finished until chapter 6. phew
its kindda boring in school
but during physics the 5 gamma-ians took picture for out class layout
its nice to see everyone together taking pictures.

and recently i posted a news article on the increase of commit suicide cases among Koreans
i did mention a lot artists are committing suicide due to work stress and etc.
and i found out a news today on a newbie actress commits suicide.
first reaction. another person added to the list on the amount of korean artist commit suicide.
her name is Woo Seung Yeon . and 24 years old.
According to the Korea Times, the actress's family and friends "told police investigators that she has been under severe stress after recently failing to pass auditions for new roles."

She is known to have been suffering from depression after failing an audition and breaking up with a long time boyfriend. A family member revealed that she had received treatment at a hospital for her depression, but it had worsened in recent weeks and caused her to commit suicide.A family member revealed that she had received treatment at a hospital for her depression, but it had worsened in recent weeks and caused her to commit suicide.Woo's latest role was in the film Private Eye (그림자 살인) which was released in cinemas earlier this month.

hope she'll rest in peace. its sad to see these news.
always remember
giving up is never the
answer. there are many other things to see/experience than commit suicide.
think of your loved ones.

Credits/sources : allkpop

Monday, April 27, 2009

r a n d o m

Monday, April 27, 2009 0

i kept wondering.. why am i called wall-e???
i like to recycle? not really
i look like a robot? NO,im HUMAN
i like to watch wall-e? nope
i am a good friend of eva? no.
i look like a cartoon character? no
i always look confused? not always
none of the statement that describes me like a wall-e

and the worst one by gaaya
during form 1 all started calling me jojo
then it then turns to be jojoba
why? cause gaaya found out from her house
where there's one product which contains jojoba oil !!
agh i don't make any sense
but jojoba oil do exists. and if im not wrong its in hair product or face product
use to have more nicknames but it didn't last long so i don't remember.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Sunday, April 26, 2009 0
the reason why you shouldn't be so stress

59% of Korean teens think of suicide

Suicide issues again take headlines in South Korea for the past few days following the death of actor Ahn Jae-Hwan

State-run Korea Youth Counseling Institute released a poll finding on Tuesday (Sept 9) indicating that six in every 10 South Korean teenagers have thought about taking their own lives at least once

According to the survey of 4,700 middle and high school students, 58.8% of the respondents had thought of suicide; and 11.1% of the respondents attempted suicide.

The National Statistical Office (NSO) earlier said that there were 12,174 suicides representing 5% of all deaths in 2007. It’s also said that an annual average 23.6 Koreans committed suicide out of 100,000 people in the last five years, which is one of the highest levels in the world.

I almost didn’t want to believe the news report at the beginning, because the figures are a bit overwhelming for me… that’s like more than 30 Koreans are dying each day from suicide; the Korean government needs to treat this issue with serious urgency.

credit: Yeinjee

this was last year's news. there are also the boys over flower actress(cameo) who commit suicide.

P.S : appreciate your life as its the one and the only one. there are much more things to explore and enjoy than commit suicide.

think of the people who are fighting against uncureable disease who want to see more of the world.

release stress by looking at RAIN !! hahaha

a reason for me to put rain's picture !! HAhahaha


i see many people had change into someone else
and i wonder. maybe they didn't change. I CHANGED?
they all look like a different person to me
like i never met them or something
all the memories before seems to be gone. PUFFF like magic
this feeling sucks. cause it made me avoid them more.
don't want to go any closer anymore.
im not the only one who feel like that *i think*
at first the people who i though didn't change has the opposite personalities now
and people who i though change has been the same till now
confused? haha

anyway lets look forward as the past is history


its sunday !! means tommorow is monday = go to school day
anyway lets look forward to the friday holiday next week ! haha
spent some quality time with grandpa for the whole day
in the morning me,bro,sis, cousin and grandpa
went and makan-ed dim sum
never did that for quite a long time
when i was young.
its like a tradition to go out for dim sum on Sundays with grandpa
but when years go by. sundays became a day where the teenagers sleep till noon
this so called tradition soon to be no more
i still remember when i was young.
my grandpa would be the one fetching me and sis from school and then fetch bro from St.John school
then bring us to eat at one particular mee shop in Pudu
these things might look very simple but leave great memories

so today after eating dim sum
went home and not long later
aunt bought grandpa to old town at midah
so sis and i tag along with cousin and makan-ed *again*
aghh the word FAT can't seem to be out of my brain
nvm nvm.
further quality time spent with grandpa is during dinner
went to look out point and makan
its super cold there cause it was raining at that time
wind blowing everywhere and see the sunset

and now im still bloated !! can't sleep
and wondering how much weight i put on
no exercise or anything.
so in order to help me
pls pls warn me in school to not eat during recess
or i'll be having double breakfast again.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

back !

Thursday, April 23, 2009 0
didn't update for quite some time.
its been very hectic since last week
and today last paper bio.
i know that i will not score good in any of the papers i took
some of the subjects i didn't even bother reading
rather sleep than reading

i experienced a lot of Buddhist traditions that i didn't know since last week
there's always laughter and sorrows.
and i know you'll live happily there.

talk about TODAY.
Bio is not my paper of the day
just now i had tuition exam
chem and add maths.
didn't bother reading anything cause its TUITION.
chem only come out objective and add maths got like 7 short questions
its not bad... i think its much much better than intervensi 2

and and and

[5 Sc Gamma 09']

[Class of 09' SMKSBU]
we'll will not be able to take pictures like that anymore.
i still can't believe we're going to graduate from high school soon
when we were in primary we always hope the time will go faster
and now im in high school but i want to turn the clock back
its one in a lifetime opportunity to experience these
it will be kept as great memories forever !!!

P.S : pictured grabbed from xin yi's blog

Friday, April 10, 2009

direct translation.

Friday, April 10, 2009 0
learnt a new thing in class today from suk khuan
aka the 'S' in the S.O.T
i was annoying sukkhuan today with this phase "hello malaysian,im david archuleta"
*with the archuleta's accent*
yesterday i sound more like david archuleta cause of sore throat but didn't really work well today
still. annoyed suk khuan. hah !!!
and we were doing something in class and suddenly sukkhuan said something about padan muka
then she continue with cantonese " tai sei"
and then english "same face"
she did a direct translation from the word padan muka. and made an english word "same/similar face?"

the S.O.T are really weird except me !
but still kyan is the one with severe need of medical assistance
cause she's mentally weird
its like her face is written there 'i am orang giler'
kyan got THE EVIL SMILE !! scary.

in conclusion. im the normal one.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

what comes around goes around.

Thursday, April 9, 2009 0
there it goes again
cough & flu.
everytime when there's a season where ppl are getting sick because of cough and flu.
i'll be the one getting infected first.
sniffing and coughing suck
and another add on headache !
since yesterday. even in school.
not the pain where i am going to faint
but its just in the head that it hurts

in school today was okay.
with suk khuan got all hype & sad about david archuleta
he'll be on hitz fm morning crew tommorow.
he went Sri KDU today and all the students got hyper.
this is one of the benefits for being in an private school
no need to go though the goverment for any permission.
goverment school gotta follow every procedure.too bad

and today is a very important day for malaysia's politik
the postition of all the ministry and their vice and our vice preseident is announced
*i know politics !! yay ! *
exam is coming.
everyone is studying.
yet to start anything and now blogging here
save me !!!
i don't even think i understand anything...aghh


Monday, April 6, 2009


Monday, April 6, 2009 0
Align Center

i keep on want to eat. eat .eat !
every minute also thinking about food.


save me from not eating tommorow in recess !!
NOOO.. i've gained maybe 2kg?3kg? or more?
i'm gonna be overweight then obese soon.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Friday, April 3, 2009 0
long time didn't post any funny things already
something about english language
i'm not really good in english
i can't pronounce many words properly.
cause we live in a country malaysia with many cultures and languages used
its like the public speaking on monday. saying about manglish and etc.
*i hear the public speaking okayh. im a good girl*

in other countries such as koreans/ japanese
learning english is much more harder there
they can't seems to pronounce simple word right
cause korean/japanese language don't really twist their tongue * i think*
look at this video which i found from k-popped
think positive ya?
btw, the guy is singing Touch My Body which he pronounce it as "Tuts My Barreh"
now i prefer gaaya singing rather than the person in the video sings it !! haha

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April's fool?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009 0
another month here already.
senior year seems to pass very fast !!!
faster than in form 4.

so today is april's fool.
didn't really get fooled
gaaya wanted soo much to fool me. haha
it was a fun day in school today
cause we got this talk in the pameran
though its a talk but because i do not need to attend BM lessons
its better to go for the talk than having BM.haha

another fun thing is me and gaaya was heading to kawad
but once we heard "that guy's voice"
we just walk away and head to the library.
and talked with moky.joey and suk khuan
talk loads of crap. haha
also talked about the party.
cause there's a possibility suk khuan might go cause her taekwondo black belt ditundakan. haha
too bad i couldn't go . sorry ya !

its april's fool day but its not really this year
after school, sis come and fetch me
got the bad news of whats going to happen to my grandma
cause today suppose to go to hospital to hear what the doctor's going to say
but because got school so i didn't go
all my aunty went to hospital
and i was told by my sister that there's nothing much that the doctor can do
its useless to do kidney transplant nor dialysis
the only thing the doctor could do is blood transplant
which doesn't effect much cause of diabetes.
i hope this never happens but once a person gets old
all kinds of sickness will appear
still i'll keep hoping for grandma to get well soon

this is why enjoy your life to the fullest
you'll never know what will happen next
appreciate the people around you.
don't be too selfish and only care about yourself !!

enjoy your life everyone !
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