Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April's fool?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009
another month here already.
senior year seems to pass very fast !!!
faster than in form 4.

so today is april's fool.
didn't really get fooled
gaaya wanted soo much to fool me. haha
it was a fun day in school today
cause we got this talk in the pameran
though its a talk but because i do not need to attend BM lessons
its better to go for the talk than having BM.haha

another fun thing is me and gaaya was heading to kawad
but once we heard "that guy's voice"
we just walk away and head to the library.
and talked with moky.joey and suk khuan
talk loads of crap. haha
also talked about the party.
cause there's a possibility suk khuan might go cause her taekwondo black belt ditundakan. haha
too bad i couldn't go . sorry ya !

its april's fool day but its not really this year
after school, sis come and fetch me
got the bad news of whats going to happen to my grandma
cause today suppose to go to hospital to hear what the doctor's going to say
but because got school so i didn't go
all my aunty went to hospital
and i was told by my sister that there's nothing much that the doctor can do
its useless to do kidney transplant nor dialysis
the only thing the doctor could do is blood transplant
which doesn't effect much cause of diabetes.
i hope this never happens but once a person gets old
all kinds of sickness will appear
still i'll keep hoping for grandma to get well soon

this is why enjoy your life to the fullest
you'll never know what will happen next
appreciate the people around you.
don't be too selfish and only care about yourself !!

enjoy your life everyone !


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