Thursday, April 23, 2009

back !

Thursday, April 23, 2009
didn't update for quite some time.
its been very hectic since last week
and today last paper bio.
i know that i will not score good in any of the papers i took
some of the subjects i didn't even bother reading
rather sleep than reading

i experienced a lot of Buddhist traditions that i didn't know since last week
there's always laughter and sorrows.
and i know you'll live happily there.

talk about TODAY.
Bio is not my paper of the day
just now i had tuition exam
chem and add maths.
didn't bother reading anything cause its TUITION.
chem only come out objective and add maths got like 7 short questions
its not bad... i think its much much better than intervensi 2

and and and

[5 Sc Gamma 09']

[Class of 09' SMKSBU]
we'll will not be able to take pictures like that anymore.
i still can't believe we're going to graduate from high school soon
when we were in primary we always hope the time will go faster
and now im in high school but i want to turn the clock back
its one in a lifetime opportunity to experience these
it will be kept as great memories forever !!!

P.S : pictured grabbed from xin yi's blog


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