Friday, April 10, 2009

direct translation.

Friday, April 10, 2009
learnt a new thing in class today from suk khuan
aka the 'S' in the S.O.T
i was annoying sukkhuan today with this phase "hello malaysian,im david archuleta"
*with the archuleta's accent*
yesterday i sound more like david archuleta cause of sore throat but didn't really work well today
still. annoyed suk khuan. hah !!!
and we were doing something in class and suddenly sukkhuan said something about padan muka
then she continue with cantonese " tai sei"
and then english "same face"
she did a direct translation from the word padan muka. and made an english word "same/similar face?"

the S.O.T are really weird except me !
but still kyan is the one with severe need of medical assistance
cause she's mentally weird
its like her face is written there 'i am orang giler'
kyan got THE EVIL SMILE !! scary.

in conclusion. im the normal one.


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