Friday, April 3, 2009


Friday, April 3, 2009
long time didn't post any funny things already
something about english language
i'm not really good in english
i can't pronounce many words properly.
cause we live in a country malaysia with many cultures and languages used
its like the public speaking on monday. saying about manglish and etc.
*i hear the public speaking okayh. im a good girl*

in other countries such as koreans/ japanese
learning english is much more harder there
they can't seems to pronounce simple word right
cause korean/japanese language don't really twist their tongue * i think*
look at this video which i found from k-popped
think positive ya?
btw, the guy is singing Touch My Body which he pronounce it as "Tuts My Barreh"
now i prefer gaaya singing rather than the person in the video sings it !! haha


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