Thursday, April 30, 2009

p o n t e n g

Thursday, April 30, 2009
din go school and im wondering what is happening in school
didn't want to go to school cause yesterday was soo boring !!!
at least the day ends with laughter.
as me and gaaya started searching for book filled with picture in the library
so that we can open the book and start criticizing
and also the newspaper !!!
there's one case where a father forces his daughter to cut her mother
something like that.
there are more and more scary cases around the world

tommorow is public holiday = no school
booyah. can sleep late. but all these also marks the nearer the diagnostic exam
its like we just finish intervensi and now diagnostic !!! too fast
they shouldn't create soo many exams la.
its not like they can finish the syllabus
they finish it by just doing the 'touch n go' tactic
i need to be more cautious about this exam
im not really into studying anything now
just want to lie down and do nothing!!


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