Sunday, April 26, 2009


Sunday, April 26, 2009
its sunday !! means tommorow is monday = go to school day
anyway lets look forward to the friday holiday next week ! haha
spent some quality time with grandpa for the whole day
in the morning me,bro,sis, cousin and grandpa
went and makan-ed dim sum
never did that for quite a long time
when i was young.
its like a tradition to go out for dim sum on Sundays with grandpa
but when years go by. sundays became a day where the teenagers sleep till noon
this so called tradition soon to be no more
i still remember when i was young.
my grandpa would be the one fetching me and sis from school and then fetch bro from St.John school
then bring us to eat at one particular mee shop in Pudu
these things might look very simple but leave great memories

so today after eating dim sum
went home and not long later
aunt bought grandpa to old town at midah
so sis and i tag along with cousin and makan-ed *again*
aghh the word FAT can't seem to be out of my brain
nvm nvm.
further quality time spent with grandpa is during dinner
went to look out point and makan
its super cold there cause it was raining at that time
wind blowing everywhere and see the sunset

and now im still bloated !! can't sleep
and wondering how much weight i put on
no exercise or anything.
so in order to help me
pls pls warn me in school to not eat during recess
or i'll be having double breakfast again.


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