Thursday, April 9, 2009

what comes around goes around.

Thursday, April 9, 2009
there it goes again
cough & flu.
everytime when there's a season where ppl are getting sick because of cough and flu.
i'll be the one getting infected first.
sniffing and coughing suck
and another add on headache !
since yesterday. even in school.
not the pain where i am going to faint
but its just in the head that it hurts

in school today was okay.
with suk khuan got all hype & sad about david archuleta
he'll be on hitz fm morning crew tommorow.
he went Sri KDU today and all the students got hyper.
this is one of the benefits for being in an private school
no need to go though the goverment for any permission.
goverment school gotta follow every procedure.too bad

and today is a very important day for malaysia's politik
the postition of all the ministry and their vice and our vice preseident is announced
*i know politics !! yay ! *
exam is coming.
everyone is studying.
yet to start anything and now blogging here
save me !!!
i don't even think i understand anything...aghh



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