Saturday, May 30, 2009


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for those who didn't know.
im a k-pop fans
and definally a rain(bi) fan
and since rain is not really active right now
preparing for his fashion concert for his brand six to five next week
which would be held in Hong Kong
so during this few months i had been over with boys over flower (korean version)
got to know T-max,2pm,2am,kara,wondergirls,girlsgeneration and i even interested with super junior !!!
i never really hear songs from super junior to begin with but totally addicted with
super junior - sorrysorry
2pm - again and again
girls generation - Gee (i hear this song for a month !!! and now im bored of it)
and my sister fav. group SS501 which made her going into k-pop world.
going to websites which i usually go.
SS501 - because im stupid (BOF).

here 2pm's again & again
love their live performance. go watch it
at least they are not lipsyne like girls generation *sorry to those fans ya*

super junior's sorry sorry

still i'll still like rain's song. hope he'll come malaysia next year for asia tour concert !!!
don't come end of this year !! cause SPM !! haha


its holiday !!!
and i went tuition today as normal
but i can say its the most boring ever tuition class in BM class
i was alone. cause someone dumped me !!!! guess who?
then i went for chem class.
total blue for 10 minutes cause missed last week class
lavonne*sorry if i spell it wrongly* and haziq is there
got quite a hype cause i actually understand after that !
can't online a lot due to my bro taking over the computer
to work on something !!
left me here can't use internet and only watch tv !
hope you all enjoy your holidays!
my holidays will be filled with family matter
starting with going to hospital with grandpa
smile always.

to you

i want to tell a friend something
i know i had been a bad friend
i want to say sorry for whatever things that had happen recently
i know i've been ignoring & don't bother about anything
i tried to talk more but i dare not to
i don't know why
i seek for help but i get no answers
i still care for you but i don't know how to
i didn't realized this is coming till the second week of exam
i am not good creating a good topic
i don't want to lose any friends that come though my life
i never experienced this situation before
i hope it'll be better soon
i don't want to end up like you and her
i want to keep that in mind.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


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after 3 weeks !! diagnostic is done.yay me?
yea right this means trials are coming and i'm just gonna be the unprepared SPM calon?
and today the minister of education announced that next year only can take 10 subjects !
hellow why didn't say that earlier before our batch register !!!! aghh
i mean i think its good to limit 10 subjects so that ppl will not take extra subject so they can get scholarship while those ppl like me who only take 10 subjects are not even given any chance at all.

anyway was very very very tired today.
no idea why. and now only i get to blog
just came back from tuition !!! THIS IS THE REASON WHY I HATE TUITION !!!!
was really sick even during coop meeting. felt my whole body gonna runtuh !!!
trying to make myself more active in anyway to make me more awake but still im tired eh?
and holidays are coming any outing?

i miss talking to people. cause its like 3 week and i hadn't talk much other than sukkhuan
cause we will be outside the class studying !
everyone feels like a stranger to me now except gamma-ians cause we always see each other in class. and happy teacher's day for tommorow !!! IM GOING TO SCHOOL !!!

got a fun day yesterday with gaaya and suk khuan when going to tuition !!!
we took a cab to JJ and we are lucky enough to just walk all the way to the front so that we get the taxi before the guys do !! HAHAHA
the conversation in taxi goes like this

me : *open my bag and take out my purse* hrmm enough money to eat since i got RM20+
gaaya : HAhah that money is enough to buy 4 burgers !!!
suk : yala, i only bring RM 10
gaaya : owhh, i bring RM 30
then sukkhuan suddenly do signals
gaaya and me blur amd we realised that we are sitting in a cab where the taxi driver is a stanger !!!
takut kena rob pulak.
then the convo went to an acting scene
gaaya : NO LA !! i bough 30 cents only * wth !!!30 cents nak pergi JJ lagi*
me : OHH yaaa i borrow ur money horr
gaaya : later i go withraw money.*wth as if she even got a card*

worst scenario is when turun teksi
gaaya was walking blindly across the road
sukkhuan grabbed my hand and say CARR !!!! i stop moving
and the piggy gaaya just went crossing !! THE CAR WAS 5 cm away from her

sukkhuan &jooee: GAAYAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * panic like hell*
gaaya: *buat tak taujer then only say the car and shouted*AHHHHH

then we pull her and the driver in the car was laughing !!!!
maybe because he saw how we shouted and how gaaya don't even know what is happening.
and guess what gaaya comment

gaaya : the car still got to stop for me not matter what. how can they just bang humans like that

sukkhuan even commented that gaaya should cross the road blindfolded.
later we makan-ed and sit LRT to martin
biology class was quite empty and therefore i no need to go bio class this saturday ! yay go home early.

now what i want is back to the old times !!!
this 3 weeks has changed too much !!!!
i even think that im a different person now and i really think i do !
exam is making me CRAZY!
see ya in school tommorow !!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

zodiac astrological constellations

Saturday, May 23, 2009 0
came across about this where people are now confused whether are there 12 or 13 zodiac signs.
but till now we're still using the 12 zodiac signs but according to the zodiac astrological constellations. there are 13. which means the zodiac you're in now might not be the same anymore.


there this 13th sign of the zodiac ophiuchus
this sign is not used in the zodiac we usually see because Ophiuchus is an Ancient Greek constellation

so still we're using the 12 signs but if according to the ancient greek constellation... i'll be virgo?the maiden.

i think i'll still prefer libra,the scales. sorry virgo.

Constellation Tropical date Sidereal Date Sun is in constellation
Aries March 21 - April 20 April 15 - May 15 April 19 - May 13
Taurus April 21 - May 21 May 16 - June 15 May 14 - June 19
Gemini May 22 - June 21 June 16 - July 15 June 20 - July 20
Cancer June 22 - July 22 July 16 - August 15 July 21 - August 9
Leo July 23 - August 22 August 16 - September 15 August 10 - September 15
Virgo August 23 - September 23 September 16 - October 15 September 16 - October 30
Libra September 24 - October 23 October 16 - November 15 October 31 - November 22
Scorpius October 24 - November 22 November 16 - December 15 November 23 - November 29

November 30 - December 17
Sagittarius November 23 - December 21 December 16 - January 14 December 18 - January 18
Capricornus December 22 - January 20 January 15 - February 14 January 19 - February 15
Aquarius January 21 - February 19 February 15 - March 14 February 16 - March 11
Pisces February 20 - March 20 March 15 - April 14 March 12 - April 18

source : wikipedia

Sun Sign Meaning Dates
01: Pisces the Fishes 12 Mar to 18 Apr
02: Aries the Ram 19 Apr to 13 May
03: Taurus the Bull 14 May to 19 Jun
04: Gemini the Twins 20 Jun to 20 Jul
05: Cancer the Crab 21 Jul to 9 Aug
06: Leo the Lion 10 Aug to 15 Sep
07: Virgo the Maiden 16 Sep to 30 Oct
08: Libra the Scales 31 Oct to 22 Nov
09: Scorpius the Scorpion 23 Nov to 29 Nov
10: Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer 30 Nov to 17 Dec
11 Sagittarius the Archer 18 Dec to 18 Jan
12: Capricornus the Sea Goat 19 Jan to 15 Feb
13: Aquarius the Water Carrier 16 Feb to 11 Mar
source: Yahoo

then if follow the ancient greek constellation, my bro will be in ophiuchus.hehe.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Friday, May 22, 2009 0
screwed chemistry today
and lets look forward for physics paper
anyone got tips for the paper?
do tell me
save this physics dummy
from getting fail in physics

start from now i must love physics
i hate physics
cause i do not know how to apply the information into the question asked
left physics,sivik and est
all the best !!!
and after that i holiday !! BOOYAH
wanna go out for an outing?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

r a n d o m

Thursday, May 21, 2009 0
im tired
desperately need more entertainment
no fun in school anymore
feel like a bad person

used too much brain power
right hand cramped today
pain and couldn't think anymore

good news for the day
KRIS won for american idol
got a 2 minutes hype in class about it
and thats all the fun is

have been missing everyone
long chat don't seems to exist
one of the highest rating topics is
tips for exam.
the most important thing now

time to study

p.s told ya its random.

Friday, May 15, 2009

bye bye first week of exam.

Friday, May 15, 2009 0
at last exam week no.1 is done !!!
but next week will be more hectic cause all study subject
i should start liking exams.
why? cause it'll force me to study at least 2 hour no matter what !!!
if everyday got exam..i'll be very prepared for SPM
but if everyday exam. i think i'll collapse soon
cause i'll be too tired ! as usually if there's no exam i take at least a 2-3hours NAP.
and get to sleep late later. but now because of studying. once the clock strikes 12
i must sleep cause that is the time my brain won't absorb anymore information im reading
BM > its hard for me
ENG> okok
MATHS> careless in most of the questions
ADDMATHS> sudah mati Xp
MORAL>quite a lot of mistakes.

hopefully next week will be better
hope that my brain would not be blank when answering questions
cause when it comes to study subject
my brain goes blank. like as in dunno what to do.
and usually i just crap nonsense which takde kaitan with the question.
and there already high possibilities we're gonna have SIVIK EXAM !!!
seems like it is gonna be on the 27th which is after recess.
why waste time,paper and ink.agh.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

the weather

Thursday, May 7, 2009 0
i'm sweating basically every minute and every second !!!
sooo HOT ! just came back from tuition at suria maju
aircond there is like the best ever !!
compared to martin's today
im suffocating in there.
with sweat smell and the air-cond that seems to be not functioning.
i was sitting right in front of a stand fan
and its still very hot !! everyone is SWEATING.
i know sweating is normal if you're in Malaysia
but its just too hot !!!
this is the time where i should ask Rain(jung ji hoon) to come to malaysia
last time when he came malaysia it also rain in the afternoon
then stopped in the evening before the concert !! PERFECT !!
not like now...

air-cond also like useless after you come out from the roon
and syed anwar said he got 9 air-cond in his house.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Birthday Wishes for Leehom's 33rd

Tuesday, May 5, 2009 0
found out this video for kyan,ammelia and angel

you 3 ppl must credit to ME !!!
it takes forever to take that 5 second video for you ppl !!!
and only you 3 are wearing school uniform to take the video !!
and why the quality of the video so cacat one.


-tagged by keiyan -

1. Do you think you’re a freak :
nope.cause i have friends like kyan and sukkhuan.they're totally a freak-ko.the s.o.t ma

2. What will you do if somebody just past by and kiss you :
stangers arh? if its a guy. i'll start slapping the person and basically torture him without asking anything.if its a girl. *the goody type one*says that im not lesbian and walks away.*the total weird/bitch* look at her in a weird way and i do not know what i'll do next.

3. What are you eating :
im not eating now. i drank soup just now.

4. Would you forgive the person who treated you so badly :
taktaula. see how that person reacts when i ask him/her about the matter.

5. Currently listening to :
the show by lenka

6. Do you love being weird :
sometimes. cause being weird will not make you feel so bored sometimes.

7. Single or available :

8. Wish you could have more siblings(?) :
hrm. i don't think so. a brother and sister is good. since most of the time youngest always gets the priority.hAHaha

9. What do you think of spammers :
spammers on my msn is just annoying !!! they kept adding and adding. since last 2 years i've been blocking around 100 ppl? sometimes i even ter-block my own friends. thats why i don't only frequenly ady not like last time 24/7 on msn.

10. Wish you could be skinnier(?) :
YES ! i'm getting fatter and fatter due to double breakfast and double lunch and dinner. aghh control me !! gonna be overweight and soon obese !

11. Look to your left what do you see :
my left? sis studying something. which makes me feel guilty for not studying and now doing tag !!!

12. Hate your life(?) :
not really.

13. What makes you hyper :
hyper...loads of stuff makes me hyper. one of them i definally watching videos of rain performing.

14. The funniest word that you ever heard :

15. Is this boring(?) :
okokjerla. cause im bored also la

Ppl who got tagged :
anyone who read this tag.YOU'RE TAG !

Saturday, May 2, 2009

save earth

Saturday, May 2, 2009 0
i have nothing to blog bout today.
morning. went tuition.
kyan was emo-ing.haha. cause she tak boleh pergi leehom comcert !
nevermine.. just go watch the leehom DVD that we all gave you ok?
and to suk khuan. never give up and just try your best !!!

i just read some articles just now which i find it interesting !
for example. this news.

Norway tests laptop exam scheme

School exam, PA
The trial of the laptop system involved 6,000 pupils

Every 16-19 year-old in Nord-Trondelag county in Norway has been trying out the laptop-based system.

The secondary students are given a laptop by the government when they turn 16 to help them with schoolwork.

During exams the specially-tailored software springs into life to block and record any attempt at cheating.

hey ! this actually saves the earth for not using papers !!! we waste a lot of papers because of exam, homework and etc. we should start using technology to solve this problem as humans are always finding ways to create better technology to make our lifes easier.

why bother photostat-ing and clipping the papers when you can just give each student a laptop to finish their homework and also do exam !!!

but i don't this way will work well in Malaysia cause.

i don't think they have that many budget to give each student a laptop.

malaysia is famous with their system down and whatsoever.

there are not enough people who are proffesion at this science&technology field is said malaysia's best achievement is sending angkasawan for a holiday?

btw, the full article could be viewed here

another news i found out is

New rival to world's tallest man

A new contender for world's tallest man has been discovered in China, after he attended hospital for surgery.

Zhao Liang was measured at 2.46m (just under 8ft 1in) by doctors in Tianjin, where the ex-basketball player was being treated for a foot injury.

It puts him 10cm (3.9in) above the official title-holder, Chinese citizen Bao Xishun, who was first recognised by Guinness World Records in 2005.

Mr Zhao, 27, is now seeking official recognition of his huge stature.

Until Mr Zhao is independently measured by judges from the Guinness team, he cannot be officially considered the world's tallest man.

The current holder, 57-year-old Bao Xishun, stands at 2.36m (7ft 8.95in) tall.

full article click here

there goes my random post !!! haha

credit: BBC News Asia-Pacific,

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