Saturday, May 30, 2009


Saturday, May 30, 2009
for those who didn't know.
im a k-pop fans
and definally a rain(bi) fan
and since rain is not really active right now
preparing for his fashion concert for his brand six to five next week
which would be held in Hong Kong
so during this few months i had been over with boys over flower (korean version)
got to know T-max,2pm,2am,kara,wondergirls,girlsgeneration and i even interested with super junior !!!
i never really hear songs from super junior to begin with but totally addicted with
super junior - sorrysorry
2pm - again and again
girls generation - Gee (i hear this song for a month !!! and now im bored of it)
and my sister fav. group SS501 which made her going into k-pop world.
going to websites which i usually go.
SS501 - because im stupid (BOF).

here 2pm's again & again
love their live performance. go watch it
at least they are not lipsyne like girls generation *sorry to those fans ya*

super junior's sorry sorry

still i'll still like rain's song. hope he'll come malaysia next year for asia tour concert !!!
don't come end of this year !! cause SPM !! haha


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