Thursday, May 28, 2009


Thursday, May 28, 2009
after 3 weeks !! diagnostic is done.yay me?
yea right this means trials are coming and i'm just gonna be the unprepared SPM calon?
and today the minister of education announced that next year only can take 10 subjects !
hellow why didn't say that earlier before our batch register !!!! aghh
i mean i think its good to limit 10 subjects so that ppl will not take extra subject so they can get scholarship while those ppl like me who only take 10 subjects are not even given any chance at all.

anyway was very very very tired today.
no idea why. and now only i get to blog
just came back from tuition !!! THIS IS THE REASON WHY I HATE TUITION !!!!
was really sick even during coop meeting. felt my whole body gonna runtuh !!!
trying to make myself more active in anyway to make me more awake but still im tired eh?
and holidays are coming any outing?

i miss talking to people. cause its like 3 week and i hadn't talk much other than sukkhuan
cause we will be outside the class studying !
everyone feels like a stranger to me now except gamma-ians cause we always see each other in class. and happy teacher's day for tommorow !!! IM GOING TO SCHOOL !!!

got a fun day yesterday with gaaya and suk khuan when going to tuition !!!
we took a cab to JJ and we are lucky enough to just walk all the way to the front so that we get the taxi before the guys do !! HAHAHA
the conversation in taxi goes like this

me : *open my bag and take out my purse* hrmm enough money to eat since i got RM20+
gaaya : HAhah that money is enough to buy 4 burgers !!!
suk : yala, i only bring RM 10
gaaya : owhh, i bring RM 30
then sukkhuan suddenly do signals
gaaya and me blur amd we realised that we are sitting in a cab where the taxi driver is a stanger !!!
takut kena rob pulak.
then the convo went to an acting scene
gaaya : NO LA !! i bough 30 cents only * wth !!!30 cents nak pergi JJ lagi*
me : OHH yaaa i borrow ur money horr
gaaya : later i go withraw money.*wth as if she even got a card*

worst scenario is when turun teksi
gaaya was walking blindly across the road
sukkhuan grabbed my hand and say CARR !!!! i stop moving
and the piggy gaaya just went crossing !! THE CAR WAS 5 cm away from her

sukkhuan &jooee: GAAYAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * panic like hell*
gaaya: *buat tak taujer then only say the car and shouted*AHHHHH

then we pull her and the driver in the car was laughing !!!!
maybe because he saw how we shouted and how gaaya don't even know what is happening.
and guess what gaaya comment

gaaya : the car still got to stop for me not matter what. how can they just bang humans like that

sukkhuan even commented that gaaya should cross the road blindfolded.
later we makan-ed and sit LRT to martin
biology class was quite empty and therefore i no need to go bio class this saturday ! yay go home early.

now what i want is back to the old times !!!
this 3 weeks has changed too much !!!!
i even think that im a different person now and i really think i do !
exam is making me CRAZY!
see ya in school tommorow !!


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